Jun 21, 2015

New Account Issues


UPDATE: This is now fixed. It was just a bug.

Shortly after South Africa was shutdown, newly created Mafia Wars accounts found themselves in a bit of a conundrum. The game would load with the South Africa popup and then when the user clicked the 'Enter' button, they were told 'The Sun Has Set Here'. This would be enough to make a real first time user leave but as we all know most 'new' accounts are created by long time players who will find workarounds. Jo Gilliam did just that and it turned out all you had to do was sent a South Africa collection item from a different account. The Mission and Property bugs for the other destinations still persist but we have posted about those workarounds in the past. Yesterday brought an entirely new issue for new accounts that has many speculating what it could all mean. Lindsay Richmond who probably has the most experience creating new accounts found that it was impossible to load them [1]. You can create a new Facebook account but at this time you can't create a new Mafia Wars account. We are not sure if this is a bug or if it's intentional and that is what's scaring players. If it's intentional than it could be a sign that Mafia Wars is doomed. I would guess that perhaps Zynga attempted to fix the South Africa bug and this is the result.

If you read the entire thread and it's comments (located in the Script|Mod Group), you will see that Lindsay went above and beyond trying all different methods to gain access. The error
A 500 error means there is something wrong on the Zynga servers so nothing you can do internally will fix it. This video explains that.

Oliver Scollon brought up the fact that the same thing happened with new accounts right before Ninja Kingdom was shutdown [1]. Hopefully this isn't the case and we are just dealing with a very nasty bug.


  1. I think we all know that MW is on borrowed time. Might as well get what we can out of it. I'm glad I haven't spent money on the game recently, especially since I should have been made godfather in my mosty-dead MW family and never was.

  2. "Hopefully this isn't the case"?? Let me try and get this straight... are you actually HOPING the game will keep going???? Coz, I gotta be honest... 50% of your blog posts are about how crappy this game is and how close you are to cancelling your VIP due to errors and what not... but here you are... HOPING that the game won't shut down... seems a bit "two-faced"??

    At this point.... why ANYONE would want this game to NOT shut down is beyond me. I am hoping with EVERY fiber in my body, that this game will shut down tomorrow... I'm too addicted to quit--- so my ticket to freedom is a shut down. But to actually HOPE for it to NOT shut down... WOW!!! That takes a special kind of *beep* :P But then again... I'm sure you have more fun than the avarage player... so, I can see why you would want it to keep going... but shouldn't you stop your "I'm quitting" rants?? I think Zynga knows by now, that you WON'T quit... so, the "I'm quitting if Zynga doesn't do this and that* rants may have run their course ;) (no offense intended)

    1. I never said I was going to quit and I don't want the game to shutdown. I will probably cancel my VIP subscription and that is much different than quitting so no it's not as you say two-faced, lol. I can rant and complain about things not working in hopes that they are fixed. What's wrong with that? YOU may want it to shutdown but that doesn't mean everyone else does. I just want to play a game that works.


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