Jun 30, 2015

My 2 'Useful' VIP Items


Crappy VIP loot updates have been a norm for quite sometime now. The latest has been one of the worst [1]. I saw a few comments indicating that 0 of the items were useful so I considered myself to be a little bit lucky that 2 of them helped me by +3. What I didn't know at the time was that these two seemingly helpful items only raised my attack score by +345 and my defense by +96 because I didn't need very many of them. The problem with constant event overload is that the number of active loot items with well above average scores in increasing at a pace faster than the items we can get in bulk. Zynga hasn't adjusted the scores of the more common loot items and eventually our inventories will be full of event mastery items. If your reason for staying subscribed is to have better loot scores, it's not really a reason to consider anymore. +345 and +96 is a drop in the bucket (or a slap in the face) when you consider the fact that my total scores are +818,806 attack and +811,073 defense.

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