Jun 22, 2015

Mafia Wars 7th Anniversary Event


Mafia Wars is celebrating its 7th Anniversary and of course Zynga needs to make an event out of it. It's very strange that the 3rd Anniversary was in October and the 5th Year Anniversary was in August and this one is in June but who really needs accuracy? The good news is you don't need to do anything but load Mafia Wars to get a new loot item each day. The bad news is you need to load Mafia Wars and that's a challenge in and of itself these days. The images of the loot items were updated since they were added to the inventory and are shown below along with their older version.


  1. Rather than releasing an updated image every day for a week from an old closed down destination I'd be much more impressed with them if they actually brought a destination back every day for a week instead.

    1. LOL... seriously?? WHAT would be the fun in that??Would you find it funny to do jobs in Cuba for 7 days at insanely low ratios?? haha... the only reason for this would be so that all the fakes that didn't complete these destinations could get some easy skill points, haha... but I'm sure Zynga, like most people would agree with, DON'T fit the game entirely for the fake accounts ;) But nice try, buddy ;)

    2. Some of these destination closed down as far back as 2011. Are you seriously trying to say there hasn't been a REAL new player since back then? Not every single account that opens up is a fake you know.

      Personally I liked fighting in Moscow it was easier to build up ices. Missed most of SA. Still have achievements in Italy and collection to do with the Vegas tournaments that I need. I never completed upgrading the properties in Bangkok. But of course some people never got a shot at any of these as they where just to late to the party.

      They should never have been closed down in the first place. It's not like it's a large MMORPG like WoW or something else along them lines. Seriously the original FV is up to like 27 destinations now by my last count. None of there old ones have closed down. If they can do that on a flash based game I can't see 12 being an issue on a text based game. They should just reopen them and be done with it already.

    3. Not saying anything like that at all... but now you bring it up... I am sure YOU would be VERY surprised to know just how many fakes are in this game... I'm certain more than 75% of all accounts are now fakes... designed for the sole purpose of getting families easy ices during events... ask yourself how many real people are in the top 10 icing families... and how many fakes. Out of 100 members... I bet you 75 of them are fakes... BUT... i could be wrong of course

      The game can't even run properly having only the destinations we have now... bringing back all the old ones would not make matters any better I think, lol...

    4. No I'm not surprised at all. In fact higher than 75%. But why should everyone be punished for the actions of the few?

      And the game running like it is now is nothing to do with the amount of open destinations. That was the Zynga spin on it. If they can open 27 destinations without the need to close any down on Farmville which is a flash based game then why do they need to close 8 to run the other 6. That's basically what's happened over 50% of our destinations have been closed. It's a text based game. It's a few words some buttons that say rob,fight, or do job and a picture. That's it.

      One person hammering the do job button in Cuba and 1 hammering it in say Brazil is 2 people hammering a job button at the end of the day. The server is only doing the same amount of work as if both people where hitting the button in Brazil.

      Sure you could say fight list refreshes take up server resources. But if there is over twice as many fight lists as there is over twice as many destinations then it will take over twice as long to kill everyone on them. There would be more targets up and once and the fighters hitting them would be spread between more destinations as well meaning the actual ices would take longer to get. Compared to what they are doing now the servers would hardly be refreshing any fight pages at all.

      It's clearly not a storage issue as all the old loot items and achievements are still there. If you change the city ID code in the server then the old images for them closed down destinations are there as well.

      That was one of the reasons Zynga gave on the forums at the time when they first started to close them down. The other one was they didn't want to over do things for new players. Well if they really felt like that then why would there be all these limited time events going all week every week. More of than not stacked multiple events all at once sometimes a dozen or more going. Is that not scaring truly new players off? Ok so Zynga's reasons are clearly lies.

      So let's try your skill point theory. Not everyone plays the game for the same reason. Some are fighters some are levelers and some just like to complete everything. Giving people the choice would not ruin the game. It's not like it's an unlimited amount of skill points like the crafting properties have been. Serial level save your RP wait for a double craft and build as much as you like for a 1:1 ratio. That's damaging. A destination is a set amount of skill points. Depending on how many districts/tiers/regions it has and including achievements and vaults your only ever looking at 300-500 skill points per destinations tops. Not damaging at all. In fact Zynga recently chose to close the new SA with serial leveling jobs over London which is a constant small handful of skill points. A few every day for just 100 days that's only 3 short months and it's as many as a closed down destination. A few extra free skill point here and there aint killing the game and Zynga know it. So that's not why they closed any of them down either.

      But you know what WILL kill it? A LOT of skill points. As in there was a mastery bug. Worked a bit like loot cloning. Needed 2 older destinations as it was the old code that was broke. So that's why we can't do it with NY on it's own. Zynga chose rather than devoting time to it to see it was maintained they would start shuttering them one by one. And that was in 2011. When Zynga chose that course of action that was when they gave up on this game. Half way through Italy when people where waiting for the second lot of districts people on the forums where moaning about all the events. Wanting to know why more districts where taking so long. Would they stop making events to finish Italy. So about the same time they decided closing stuff was a better idea than devoting development time to fixing it they also decided to live with basic copy/paste stuff and nothing more. I mean look at the next destination. Brazil. It's been copied ever since.

  2. They maybe rush the anniversary event to june because they think (or know) that the game will not survive until the real date of the anniversary.

  3. 7 years of progressive crap

  4. I logged in to facebook/mafia wars and did not get the first gift in one account but did get it in another account. What gives?


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