Jun 23, 2015

Los Angeles Districts 8 & 9 Coming Soon


Images for Los Angeles Districts 8 & 9 have been added to the servers. All the other districts of this destination have been released on Thursdays so I would guess they will be available on Thursday.

Assets & Medallions 

District 8: Hive Mind
District 9: Joe's Pub
Job Images 

District 8
District 9


  1. When LA is all done and finished with the mysterious guy in the shadow at the end will be something to do with the neo-imperium I bet.

    1. LOL.. you think? What is the Neo-Imperium... do you even know? It's nothing... it has absolutely nothing to do with MW..never did... never will... some stupid monkey at Zynga HQ probably had to come up with a name for something to be the reason destinations were closing... and he watched The Matrix the night before he had to hand in the suggestion... and being a huge fan of Keanu Reeves... he probably took the easy way out... "Neo is awesome" he thought ton himself... let's call it... "Star Wars is pretty cool too though... what to do?" And then he came up with the stupid, no meaning what-so-ever name... Neo-Imperium (Neo-Empire was most likely his first draft, but another monkey probably didn't like it... and changed it... S - T - U - P - I - D !!! lol

      But... what is the matri.... I mean neo-imperium??? Does anyone know?

    2. The Neo-imperium is Zynga's made up version of the Illuminati. The new world order conspiracy. Apparently there logo is a pyramid with the all seeing eye at the top of it. Look again at the logo on every destination that has been shut down.

      Jen mentioned something about it in Vegas specifically as the logo was there but no mention of the Neo-Imperium just something about a deadly virus that has swept through.

      But Viruses are said to be one of the many tools of the Illuminati. Along with controlling everything from the media to the schools. Supposed to be something that has gone on for centuries. Brain wash kids at school they grow up do as there told so on so on.

      If you do some research on them the words Zynga uses from time to time are a huge give away. In Cuba and Moscow's closures they mentioned something about installing puppet leaders. It's all there the virus the puppet leader.

      The big clue in this post is the hive mind. The Illuminati are supposed to want to control everyone. Make a 1 world currency a 1 world banking system and 1 government. A world where everyone thinks the same rather than thinking for themselves. Hive mind.

      They are also meant to be the reason some countries are going bug on surveillance at the moment. Getting people used to it. For when the Illuminati masters take over the human race. Now look in the background of the image where the guy is stealing the server, Monitoring station?

      But it seriously doesn't need to get this far into the game to work out the Neo-imperium where Zynga's version of this new world order conspiracy. Rather clever in a way.

    3. LOL... you DO know this is an online game... right? And not Zyngas evil scheme to take over the whole world... like, for real??? If you don't know that... I seriously think you and others alike, need to pull the plug and go outside and smell the sun for awhile, lol... it's JUST a name, dude... just a name... it dosen't mean anything... WE put whatever meaning into a word that we see... and if you're seeing this... wow... just go outside buddy... enjoy life :)

    4. No I never said it was Zynga's evil scheme to take over the world. Evil genius's are usually that. Zynga hasn't even mastered the genius part yet never mind evil.

      It's like when they base a story or a film off a real life event. Only this time they based it on a conspiracy. It doesn't mean Zynga or Mafia Wars is going after world domination. Geez they tried a social gaming domination and fell a long way short of the mark how would they even attempt it on a global scale.

      But if you don't believe me take a look at this. The EXACT words copied and pasted from the Cuba lockdown pop-up when you try and go there by modifying the destination ID code in the URL bar.

      The Neo-Imperium now controls all access to Cuba, making travel impossible. Discover the criminal organization behind this operation.

      And let's take a look at that background image. https://zynga1-a.akamaihd.net/mwfb/mwfb/graphics/crisis_cuba/cuba_lockdown_popup.png

      You notice that symbol in the lower left corner. Yeah compare it to this


      Pyramid with the all seeing eye. Like I said it's not Zynga domination plan it's a story line based on a conspiracy theory. The logo resembles it and the story line if you follow it also copies the said rumors and conspiracies about this new world order crap.

      The Neo-Imperium now controls all access to Moscow, making travel impossible. Discover the criminal organization behind this operation.

      Again in Moscow and the image link - https://zynga1-a.akamaihd.net/mwfb/mwfb/graphics/crisis_moscow/moscow_lockdown_popup.png

      One final time in Vegas - Vegas is under quarantine and is off limits. The desert is now deserted due to a deadly virus that took the city by storm. Discover the criminal conspiracy behind this fatal epidemic.

      You read that? CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. The Illuminati conspiracy! I really do hope you understand it properly this time before gobbing off. STORY LINE BASED ON A CONSPIRACY ABOUT REAL LIFE.


      And yes the logo is still there despite a lack of mentioning them because in the conspiracy theories about them in real life viruses are meant to be one of these methods of population control.

      Just go do some online reading buddy. Enjoy research before gobbing off at people who clearly know more about something than you.

  2. When you get there (neo-imperium nirvana or whatever) your game collapses and disappears forever. Moreover, immediately thereafter you get evicted from your parents' basement and your trade school loans are called by Ace Cash Loans.

  3. Purple-hair puts her gun in hand's reach of the guy on the floor and then looks away from him to concentrate on her phone call. Can't call her a dumb blonde [and wouldn't anyway with Jen around... ]. But it's still dumb. Meanwhile, one of the guys wears a face mask, while the others allow the security cameras to do facial recognition. Not sure who's dumb there ...

  4. I seriously hope nobody is paying for this game anymore...if you are you're a sucker

  5. Images for district 9 has his eye patch on different eyes.

    1. You right and I'm pretty sure the image where he is looking in the mirror and sees a reflection of himself is wrong as well.


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