Jun 29, 2015

Family Business 11


The 11th Family Business Mission is now available. The loot items can be found here. If Jo and I are motivated enough and can coordinate our schedules there might be a walkthrough posted. If not than expect the same old bullshit and bugs and if anything is different we will let you know.


  1. I do dearly love your honesty!

    Kathie E

  2. It is so blatantly obvious that you hate this game...

  3. Well, is there somone that honestly thinks that Family Business is exiting?

  4. It's nasty this time. Second job tier is farming loot from district 1 in LA. Most have gold or ruby mastered it by now.

    1. Yeah... and that is EXACTLY why Zynga would have us loot consumables from that district - they know a LOT will purchase these consumables or energy refills... Family Business is just another crap event, designed now to rip us off - like everything else in the game. And they were clever enough to release the Arena Rampage at the same time...


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