Jun 18, 2015

Family Boss Fight: Retribution


The 23rd Family Boss is now available to be unlocked. This one is the 6th Boss Fight to be turned into an event and you have to take out 4 bosses before reaching the final soon to be resident boss. In addition to the loot rewards shown below, families will also get Family Experience for defeating the boss. Until the final boss is defeated, we won't know if the Family Experience reward is only for the event or if your family will get it each time they defeat the last boss. As far as I can tell, everything else is the same as the last 5 Boss Fights. If your family has reached Level 15 than this experience is useless. I would rather have useless rewards than have more level of Family Progression so there is nothing to complain about. The combos are also shown below. Stay tuned for a follow up post introducing the final boss.



  1. Great only to defeat the boss and my family is useless. Great. I will be skipping this.

  2. Easy fix is to find a new family

  3. I see people send the first 2 parts quite frequently. Usually new familys, splinter groups, less than 20 members. There are family pimp groups, and zinga does not make combining family easy.

  4. easy loot so don't bother moaning?


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