Jun 25, 2015

Boxing Gym


It's disgusting but true, the Boxing Gym is now available for upgrading. This is the 54th Limited Time Property and of course it’s on a 8 hour ask timer. You get 16 days to gather 471 parts and VIP subscribers on the Ruby+ tier of benefits get 5 extra days. The loot items can be found here and a detailed walkthrough for Limited Time Properties here. The basics are shown below.


  1. Disgusting doesn't even BEGIN to describe it... no words can describe this feeling I assume we all have... don't even know what to say about this anymore...

  2. I will not say that Zynga is insane, I'll say that I'm insane for still playing Mafia Wars.

    1. They feed on our addiction BIG time... but you're right... we ARE insane...

  3. I gave up on limited properties a few props back because getting the needed parts is damn near impossible these days. Quit doing a lot of the events also..... Pretty soon I will have weaned myself from this stupid addiction altogether as after 7 years of playing it is no longer is fun but more of an addiction.

  4. WTF!!!

    Was in hospital for a couple of days, got home to find ANOTHER LE Prop straight after the last ..... why are we being swamped with events again? All we need now is the Ztngatards adding Lucky Break to everything else we have to try to achieve! This is overload, overload, overload on an industrial scale!!!

    This is worse than addiction ........


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