Jun 22, 2015

Arena Smashup 10


The 10th installment of the Arena Smashup Event is now available. The last event lasted for 5 days but this time we are back to 7 (1 day would be plenty!).  During the duration of this event, all players in the Arena will have double the health. The leaderboard can be found by travelling to the Arena or using Smashup Rank Spocklet. There are 30 players on each leaderboard and the top 3 will get a loot item.  For a list of the daily rewards, go here.

1 comment:

  1. Zynga, you dirty basterds!!!! STOP rigging the fricking arenas!!!! It's DISGUSTING to watch how opponents SUDDENLY out of the blue start to do something that funnily enough hurts YOU damage wise... it's TOO random to be random... you're rigging them, forcing people to spend RPs on refills to get the amount of damage needed. Hell will have a special place for you guys... trust me... KARMA


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