Jun 25, 2015

Arena Rampage 5 Collection Added In Game


The Freedom Picnic Collection I posted about a few days ago has now been added to the game [1]. This will be for the 5th Arena Rampage but it probably won't start until the Arena Smashup expires in 4 days (counting today). I don't know why Zynga always adds these collections prior to the start of the event. It causes confusion as players want to know how to get the items. The answer is you can't until the event starts. They should add a countdown timer to the collection so players will know it's not available. The mastery item is a Traffic Warden and the 5 tiers are shown below.

1 comment:

  1. Or... maybe the players should just start LEARNING!!!!!!! haha... but theirs brains are probably fried from using scripts too much... they tend to make people lazy, stupid and zombie-like :P Try asking someone who is ACTUALLY playing the game... that should work too, haha...


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