May 4, 2015

VIP Weekly Items: 05/04/2015




  1. Can someone explain the diamond deal in more detail and specify how many reward points would be required to use all 100 2x builds in an hour in addition to the 50 reward points to purchase this deal? What am I missing how is this a good deal?

    1. It's outlined in the post on the VIP Diamond Benefits. It's not a good deal and you aren't missing anything :) It's downright stupid. If you did all 100 you would spend 1250 reward points for 1200 skill points. If you wait for the free ones you will spend 1200 reward points for 1200 skill points. Assuming you only do 10 or 20, it's ridiculous for them to think people would waste 50 reward points for that pleasure. Plus with the loading issues, if you don't use scripts you couldn't even do 100 in an hour.

  2. Are there any "real" VIP benefits? I subscribed when VIP was first released, a time when VIP loot was significantly higher in value than regular loot and loot generally was worthwhile having for more than a couple of weeks. As the margins between regular and VIP loot are now laughable, combined with Zynga devaluing loot generally why do folks still subscribe?

    Having played MW from the start, I left the game for almost a year as I was sick of all things Zynga - their inability to listen or care about customers and their relentless determination to ruin what once was a great game. It is ironic that issues that once frustrated and annoyed (endless revolving bullets being one) would now be a welcome relief when compared with the current loading/gameplay issues.

    I didn't renew my VIP membership and, so far, don't feel disadvantaged, It would seem what was once attractive about having VIP membership is now worthless. So, why do folks subscribe or am I missing something that is massively beneficial?

    Is it perhaps the thought of having to return to the start should you cancel your membership rather than actually having any real benefits to enjoy?

    Isn't it a little harsh to drop back to the start when you do unsubscribe? Surely it would be fairer to drop back proportionately over months, afterall, it takes years to get to the top?

    The above question proves my point that most of what Zynga offer as benefits are really of no benefit at all to the average player with average cash available monthly!

    Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to those that subscribe. I think the only reason this game is still available is thanks to those that part with their hard earned cash monthly but is there any real point in having VIP membership?


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