May 5, 2015

Urban Assault 8: Early Access


It is May 5th and as we wait for the Cinco de Mayo events to be begin Zynga threw in another Urban Assault Mission. I did warn you it was coming but you would think they would have released the other stuff first [1]. The 8th Urban Assault Mission is called Seek And Destroy and is now available to Titanium+ VIP subscribers. The loot items are shown below. If Zynga follows the pattern of previous Urban Assault Missions, all players should have it by midnight tomorrow. Since the Los Angeles Urban Assault Mission isn’t timed, there are now 2 Urban Assault Missions in the game. I haven’t decided if I will post a wlakthorugh. With lack of enthusiasm for the game and this site combined with all the loading issues, it will be hard to get motivated to spend the reward points and time on this.

The special ability of the mastery item will be useful to many and is by far better than the Los Angeles Urban Assault item. Saving on banking fees should really help with the Bucks.

1 comment:

  1. Up to now I found one loot job in LA (LOOT 75 B SQUARE FROM JOB:"SEND A WARNING TO JACK WOOLF...) I doubt I can ever finish this. I am on ruby level and with only one click/full energy it seems to me impossible to do.


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