May 9, 2015

The Ninja Kingdom Lie


With all the doubt about the longevity of Mafia Wars, I was hoping that Zynga would post something to reassure the players that the game isn’t going to shut down anytime soon. If that post were to ever be made, it wouldn’t hold much water. Ninja Kingdom players were concerned because several features of the game were disabled. On May 1st, Zynga made a post addressing this issue and stated that it was to prepare for a soon to be released update [1]. Eight days later, the closure of the game was announced and these features are still disabled [1]. The craziest thing about this is that the post is still there! The disabled features are related to the ZMC so it's possible part of the decision to shut this game down was because it wasn't compatible with the new Facebook API and Zynga didn't want to (or couldn't) make it work. Thanks to Raymond Morris for the information.

May 1st 2015
May 8th 2015


  1. One small point.. unlike other Zynga Games .. Ninja Kingdom does NOT use the News feed at all! No posts are ever required which was one of the big plus points of the game. All help was via the ZMC and this was one of the " temporarily " disabled features. It seems strange that the recent Facebook changes would impact on sending / receiving requests, but in any case it was still more than possible to continue doing the game without that feature. A total mystery why they pulled it.

  2. Thanks, I made an edit and changed news feeds to ZMC. The ZMC does reply on the Facebook API so that may be why.

  3. I played this game on day 1, I got in the top 100 best players and had error code 28, I got it that much I stopped playing it. Last week I turned it back on to see if it was closing, ERROR 28 came back up. If you dont sort stuff out at the beginning players will leave and I did.

  4. I have been playing NK since the cross promotion I thought it was a great game and beat other games of the same type like Clash of Clans hands down.... People on there have been asking for months what the future of the game was ever since the events ect. stopped. CS and every other source from Zynga constantly gave the assurance that it would not be closed. Despite having no events and the game being racked with glitches (like every zynga game) there was still a very large and loyal fan base. As for the API they may use this as an excuse but anyone who has been playing knows that this is bullshit there was next to nothing effected in the game by this. Unlike MW there were no begging posts in NK and as far as the ZMC goes the only thing worthwhile in the game that would have been effected was getting free troops in your portal from your friends. The game was still very much playable without the ZMC. One thing is for sure if they end MW I will never even look at another Zynga game.

  5. I have played Ninja Kindom since day 1 and they screwed us over so bad it is incredible. All I can say is that people who continue to spend money on Mafia Wars are complete morons. One day, it, too, will be shut down. And where will all your money be then? In Zynga's pockets, of course. You will never get it back, nor all the time you wasted playing this game.

  6. Why are so many people worried about MW being shut down? Don't you all know what an amazing blessing it would finally be?? Or maybe the hard-core script users and multiple account holders have finally found something "meaningful" in their lives... and if Zynga takes it away, they will all go back to being "nothing" again in the real-world? Is that how it is? People making a name for themselves in game... by cheating? haha... and no-one hears how pathetic that sounds?? The best thing that could happen was a notice of this crappy game being shut down in less than 2 weeks... and to celebrate, Zynga should put all items on fire sale... nothing over 1 RP, haha... let us go out with a party :D

    But I do feel for the poor souls, who will have their entire identity pulled away from underneath of them, once this game is finally shut down... maybe now would be a good time for you guys to make some arrangements to cross back over to the real world?? There is life after MW... I promise you... and I also promise you... you're worth a LOT more to a LOT of REAL people than the name you built for yourself in MW... once MW goes away... all that goes away too... then all you're left with is whatever real life has to offer... so, my advise... don't turn your back to real life... whatever you turn your back to now... will be that much harder to face again once you have to return to it

  7. I started playing NK from the MW promotion, as well and am still playing. Why can't I have my closing stuff go back to MW? It seems only fair. I have a bunch of jade in there I have saved up. Zynga are a bunch of idiot jerks, as usual!

    Lynnie C


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