May 8, 2015

Pesos Added to the Daily Take


I’m not 100% if this is new but Pesos have been showing up on the Daily Take for at least 2 days and I haven’t seen any South Africa items. It's great that the Daily Take and Daily Shuffle have been updated but Zynga missed an opportunity by not adding Los Angeles items. Los Angeles is by far the worst destination ever to be released in Mafia Wars and players avoid it like the plague. Maybe if the developers gave more exposure to this destination, the players would spend more time utilizing it.



  1. Pesos? We don't need no stinking pesos.

  2. No, more exposure to LA will not help... and I continue to avoid it like the plague until I (finally) finish Mexico, and then I'm done with this ridiculous B.S. game after 5.5 years of torture/abuse from idiot "game makers" called Zynga. They don't deserve our time/money, cuz they don't give a chit about any one of us (at least, none of us who spend less than $10k/month)... eff them for never listening -- time for them to get their just "rewards" (bankruptcy)!


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