May 4, 2015

Challenge Mission Brazil (version 3): Chapter 3


Chapter 3 of Challenge Mission: Brazil (version 3) is now unlocked. In order to start working on it you must fully master Chapter 2.  The details for this chapter are shown below.



  1. Its brutal. 5% mastery for the first job and it drops to 4% for the second job :(

  2. Only way this can be completed is if Zynga adds another day to the timer. This is the same bullshit they did last time...5%, 4%. Even at catching this every 8 hours for 3 days straight I don't think it is possible to complete. Why make the percentages so bad every time? Does Zynga not have a damn clue? Sorry...some of us can't catch this 3x a day.

  3. 3rd job is 6%

  4. I agree! This is the first challenge that I will most likely not be able to complete unless they add another day to this one. Like most people I work 8 hours a day. I play first thing in the morning before I go to work, and then First thing at night when I get home. Since the timer takes 8 hours to reset, I can only play twice a day!. I have gotten 100% of the allowable Pukus every day since the challenge started. In order to finish this job time wise, I have had to have the Job meter in the red the last 2 days. I am now at 96% on job 3 of chapter 3. I only have 6 Pukus left. You can't buy any, so I will not have any more until tomorrow, which is the last day! I will need to finish the remaining 4% of job 3 and all of job 4 with just the Pukus I earn tomorrow. I will need to at least be in the brown to finish tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I will run out of Pukus even if I get every available one tomorrow, before I can finish the game. Previous challenges I finished with almost a whole days worth of extra parts. something has changed with this challange that I'm short instead of having leftover Pukus!

    1. You can buy Pukus in the marketplace under the special loot tab. It is the last item on the scroll down and costs 2/2 Rp's.

      Anyone hit the fourth job yet and knows what the the experience ratio is? I will start that job tomorrow...

      Dave. AKA: Crooked Fingers Vinchetta.


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