May 6, 2015

Arena Rampage 4 & Cinco De Mayo Collection


The Cinco De Mayo version of the Arena Rampage event is now available. It’s a day late and the collection has been in game for over a week [1]. Hopefully players will finally stop asking how to get the items. The Arena Rampage event is like a Mission but the tasks are all Arena related. There are 5 tiers with 7 tasks and you have 7 days to complete them. To see the requirements for all levels, go here. The requirements are based on several known and unknown variables and aren’t the same for all accounts. There isn’t a new FAQ but the old one can be found here. For easier access to the progress popup there is a Spocklet to use and details can be found here. Although this event is a pain in the ass, there are +60 skill to be earned so at least the rewards are worth the effort.


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