Apr 2, 2015

VIP Bounties 19-22 Coming Soon


Loot items for the 19th-22nd rounds of the VIP Bounty Event have been added to the inventory. Since Zynga removes the banner upon completion, you might miss them if you are using scripts. The good part is you get the rewards but the bad part is many VIP subscribers think they never got these events. Zynga must love Customer Support inquiries because they still haven’t changed this. Every time a VIP Bounty is released, we get players on our fan page stating they never got the event. The loot items are shown below.


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  1. Haha... and what is even MORE amazing is, that these players STILL don't know this, haha... and look BEFORE posting about NOT having this event :P It has been mentioned just about every single time we have had one of these... and people STILL think they didn't get it :P I rest my case about what most people who uses scripts are like :P lol


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