Apr 2, 2015

Urban Assault Los Angeles: Arena Shootout Task Loot Drops


UPDATE: This has been fixed and both items will now drop [1]

In the Urban Assault: Los Angeles Walkthrough, the tasks which can be done together are listed. What is missing from this list are the 2 Shootout Arena tasks. This is because the 2 items you need will not drop in the same Arenas. It’s one or the other but never both. This can confuse players as they think something is broken. Zynga could have made the type of Arenas needed different to avoid confusion. Similar tasks in the Arena have always worked this way and it may be because they can't program the 2 items to drop at the same time or they don't want us to be able to do these tasks simultaneously. This time, it doesn’t help matters that the loot items have very similar names. Other things to mention about these tasks is you need to enter the Arenas from Los Angeles and you need to use up a certain amount of stamina to get an item. Arenas in which you don't score very high will not yield an item at all.



  1. I got the wake walkers using Spartacus in SA

    Kathie E

  2. Thanks for clarifying this, especially about entering the arena from LA. I've been getting the Wicked Ways but not the Wake Walkers and sort of figured we couldn't collect both at the same time. Now I know that is the case. You are a valuable source of info! I come here almost daily to see what's new or coming up in the game.


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