Apr 20, 2015

Things from South Africa that Won’t be Missed


From now until South Africa is locked, players need to do as much as they can to get all the skill points and achievements the destination has to offer [1].  Those who have finished everything need to formulate a new strategy.  Zynga has a bigger job at hand as they need to remove and hopefully replace all of the useless things we can get from current features in the game. Most of us won’t miss the free gifts and will be glad to see them go. There is no use upgrading your South Africa properties because the property parts offered in the Daily Take won’t be missed either. The Daily Fix feature is a useless South Africa item magnet and it will be a joy to see that crap go. For those who buy Collectable Stat Cards, the useless loot items you can get by doing jobs in South Africa surely won’t be missed. Since they are ‘rewards’ purchased by the consumer, a refund should be issued once these items can no longer be acquired. Set 22 was the first batch of Collectable Stat Cards that offered loot items from South Africa and we are now on Set 44. Zynga is going to need to go through them all and either move the jobs to a different destination or deal with angry players who can no longer acquire items that they paid for. It should be fun to see what gets left in the game. If Zynga wants us to be more interested in Los Angeles, perhaps they should replace all this stuff with Los Angeles items. That would be too logical so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bunch of no longer useful Mexico items to go with those Mexico item daily gifts.  



  1. it wont take long for them to address your concern
    can you say BAHT

  2. or golden treausre key?

  3. It would be so much easier for them to close Chicago; it would save them a lot of work removing all the SA-related things that are offered in gifting and takes, but they always have to do the most impractical thing.

  4. Chicago is the first destination for new accounts. We can't properly move to other destinations until level 25 is reached. There is also mini missions to help setup new players. I therefore doubt Chicago will go as this would all need to be moved to another destination. Probably easier to shut SA?

    I usually feel an affinity with most you blog about Jenn but here I don't. As a relatively new player to the game it is daunting to have to build all destinations. Parts you see as useless crap actually helps us. If the game is only about those that have played for years, can serial level and/or are big hitters, your comments are probably fairly accurate, however if the game is supposed to be inclusive for all players, your comments are a little selfish. We don't all have accounts like yours or are in a top family like yours ......

    That said, if Zynga remove SA but leave all the parts/consumables for SA, these would then be useless crap ;)

  5. Using that logic they should have left Cuba, Moscow, Thailand, etc open. Those were great stepping stone destinations for new players. They were easy and fun. ...
    What would be great is if they would open up Jo-burg and keep it open. That's not finished yet for me but I'm not going to burn through energy on completed jobs just hoping it'll open by chance.
    Yah - I picked up 150 Rand in today's Daily Shuffle. Am just about out of f@#ks to give. Never used a script. Fighting is impossible and pointless, combined with loading problems that don't ever get better.


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