Apr 23, 2015

The South Africa Secret District


There has only been one Secret District based in South Africa. Cape Courage was released on Feb 7th of last year and if Zynga wants to offer it as a pay to play Secret District, they better do it soon [1]. As far as Secret District patterns go, the next pay to play should be Cover Story which is based in Chicago [1]. If Zynga follows the pattern than Cape Courage will no longer be an option if they shutdown South Africa. Most of us have learned that the pay to play Secret Districts aren’t worth the hassle so it probably doesn’t matter at this point in time. If game performance improves than maybe these would be more popular. In the end, the pay to play Secret District ‘deal’ on skill points is only +9 over 2X Property Builds but you will lose all of your 2X Mastery Boosts so it’s really not worth it.


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