Apr 16, 2015

The Bone House


The 3rd property of the Los Angeles Gangland is the Bone House. It’s currently bugged so upgrading it will do nothing for you. You can’t collect from it, it’s not on the home page and there aren’t any Bone Houses on the Robbing Boards. It’s as if the property doesn’t exists. This may explain why it’s not even on the Los Angeles Gangland page. Other than that, the Bone House can be built and upgraded as expected. This property unlocks once you master the 3rd job in District 5 and it pays out up to 10% of your total energy pool. Other than the name and images it's a replica of the South Africa Car Fabriek and the Mexico Carne Shop [1], [2]. With the high energy requirements of Los Angeles it wouldn’t have hurt Zynga to let us collect every 8 hours instead of 12. The details on building and upgrading the Bone House are shown below. Collecting and robbing will need to wait until Zynga fixes the bugs.

The Bone House unlocks once you master the 3rd job. You don’t need to master jobs 1 and 2 first.
Once you build the Bone House to Level 1 you learn that it offers a percentage of your energy pool. A fully upgraded property will payout 10% of your energy pool every 12 hours.
The Bone House has 10 levels of mastery (1-10) and 6 stages of development (0-1). Stages 1-5 each represent 2 levels of mastery and 1 star. Stage 0 is before the property is built.
The parts needed to upgrade the Bone House are the same ones needed for the other Los Angeles properties.
The easiest way to ask for parts is to use the Link-a-Nator 2.  Just click on the image of the Banquet Hall, choose your part and a request will be generated.
The total number of parts required to fully upgrade the Bone House is 270.

The Los Angeles Task Master Crew Bonus will double the take on your property collection so if that’s activated you can get 20% of your total energy pool once your Bone House is fully upgraded.

The mastery item for District 5 will increases the payout of all Los Angeles Properties but it’s not as cool as it sounds. A ruby level Medical Examiner will increase the original payout by 15%. The original payout is 10% so you will get 15% of 10% of your energy pool. If a player has a energy pool of 10,000, the payout would be 1,000. The additional energy provided by the Medical Examiner would only be 150 energy points. Having the Task Master activated will increase that to 300.
The addition of the Bone House  brings the total number of properties which pay out energy bonuses to 5. A fully upgraded Brazil Refinery pays out 20% of your energy pool every 8 hours, a fully upgraded London Underground Station pays a flat rate of 1,000 every 8 hours, the South Africa Car Fabriek and Mexico Carne Shop each pay out 10% of your energy pool every 12 hours. The Car Fabriek will no longer be available once South Africa closes.

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  1. Yea well, as soon as I see the properties go away from SA, I will no longer bother begging for parts to upgrade properties much anymore. Might as well call the game "Begging Wars". lol


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