Apr 10, 2015

The ‘Add Any Player To Your Mafia’ Bug is Back


A little over a week ago, I posted a somewhat sarcastic guide for those wanting to take advantage of a pretty serious bug [1]. My intent was to hopefully bring it to Zynga’s attention and get it fixed. It took a few days but eventually the issue was resolved…or so we thought. The bug is back and you can once again add any player to your mafia. This is an issue stemming from the news feeds. Zynga really needs to sit down and do something about all the problems players are experiencing. Sure we can use scripts and workarounds for many of the problems but there are players who are paying $24.97 for extra ‘benefits’. A working game should be part of it. Other than a few canned comments by forum moderators and customer support agents, Zynga has yet to officially address that there are news feed issues. Based on the events being released, they are choosing to ignore them. They have pretty much proven that their fixes aren't working so it's time to step back and remove the news feeds from the game until a permanent fix can be made.



  1. Remove the news feed? Why? I am a manual player and my news feed is working fine. Maybe that proves that scripts are the cause of your problems? How about trying removing them and playing manual? Like the game is intended? And see if the problems will go away? If the problem is people cheating using scripts - and these people will quit if scripts are removed - maybe the problem WILL be removed if scripts are removed ;) Why not at least give it a try? Instead of constantly blaming Zynga? If the game wasn't designed to be used with scripts - it's only natural to assume that scripts are causing these issues? Especially when people who don't use them don't have the same issues? But we won't know till people remove their scripts and play manually - but, I guess people would rather quit the game than actually playing the game, lol :P

    1. Scripts have nothing to do with the errors. Not all players are affected but they will be eventually. All errors we report on this blog are tested manually. That is the first thing we rule out. The only problem scripts cause is they eat up the active requests and that is not a bug but a problem that Zynga will do nothing about. The bugs are things they need to fix (or get Facebook to address).

    2. I am a manual player and the newsfeed is not working fine. My city crew and war help posts are not visible to most of my Mafia Wars playing friends. I posted a War help and it was on my Timeline way below stuff I had posted over an hour earliler. They do see the war o matic posts however. I only use Spockholm for the property links, drop down menus and stuff like that.

    3. A manual player who uses Spockholm Tools? lol... erhmm... okay ;) I guess the definition of a "manual player" is pretty vague and unclear :P

      I think this "news feed issue" is limited to the posts we have on our own timeline - and therefor not the news feed. In any case, I hardly think this is the evil work of Zynga - it's Facebook poking around again, and it's happening to almost everyone. There is however a work around for this issue. If someone adds you to their "Close Friends" group, that person will be able to view ALL your past posts regardless of the Timeline issues. I realize it's not a great solution, but it will work - and will allow people to help on your posts. Another solution is to delete old posts that are obsolete, so that active posts will become visable again. Now, I realize that these solutions offered here are not in the best interests of script users as it requires manual labor ;) But perhaps instead of spending all this time complaining about it... maybe spend half as much time doing what I suggested? You can't sit around hoping for Team Spockholm to create a script that will help you with this, let alone Zynga or Facebook resolving the matter.

      Anyways, just my 2 Cents - peace out

  2. The solution to this problem is quite simple. For those accounts that over and over join a mafia after being kicked out, they should be banned permanently.


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