Apr 26, 2015

Stuck in Joburg Bug Persists


I’m re-printing this post as many players are reporting this bug. It surfaced in April of 2014 and I guess it’s not fixed.  Since South Africa is closing, Zynga will probably take the easy road and called it fixed once the destination shuts down. I’m not sure what players who have this issue can do since Customer Support is hard to find. If Zynga doesn't want to fix it before the South African Sundown event expires, maybe they should just ruby master everybody and call it a day.

Last weeks introduction of the Groot Finale! achievement was not something good for players who have been stuck in Joburg [1]. No matter what these players do, they can’t get the game to recognize mastery. This bug is something different than the other stuck type of bugs we normally see in Secret Districts [1]. Clicking each of the 20 jobs does nothing to get one unstuck. From using different browsers, devices and platforms to clearing caches and disabling extensions, nothing works. It’s not even the same job, in the examples below you can see that one player is stuck on the Silver Level of one job and the other has the Ruby Level job mastered but he wasn’t given a star so the game doesn’t think he has mastered the job. Both players are unable to earn the Groot Finale! achievement. This issue has also been reported on the Player Support site but has gone unanswered [1]. If you have this issue, please comment and provide your Facebook ID in case a developer or someone who can do something about it is reading this. Players who are eligible to contact Customer Support may find help there. If you have found a workaround for this issue, please let us know.


  1. I wonder if the people who are stuck asked for help on one of the jobs.

    Remember that messed up jobs in some districts?

  2. this happened to me on a secondary account right before they shutdown las vegas and was unable to master it

  3. all jobs in Jo'burg done except the following
    http://prntscr.com/6yntc9 - stuck on Silver Mastery


  4. I have the same problem in Santa Monica chop shop

  5. i had the same issue stuck on gold on ensure the virus. no matter what i did would fix it. i was able to get on chat on help support,, after two days and a screen shot of the problem they completed it for me and gave me the ruby item...

  6. Trying to finish South Africa Joburg ' Tie Up Loose Ends As They Fly In' last job. Bronze level at 100% completed. Will not advance to silver level.


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