Apr 24, 2015

South African Sundown Event


When it was announced that South Africa would be shutting down 10 days ago, many thought it was a bad joke or that I was spreading rumors [1]. Today its official and hopefully all of our followers used the extra 10 days to their advantage. Zynga is giving us 17 days (sort of) to finish everything up and it should be much easier now. There is 5X Mastery for District 1-10 jobs, 2X Mastery for Bonus District jobs and the Bonus District will remain open 100% of the time. Use 2X Mastery Boosts, Job Help Requests and Crew Bonuses to get even more mastery. There is a catch. All districts will remain open for 7 days. After that one will close each day. If you haven’t unlocked a district before the previous one shuts down than all districts will no longer be available (except for the Bonus District) so it’s a race against time to keep ahead. All jobs will drop items for the Tribute Collection as well as a loot item that may or may not help your score. Complete Districts 1-10 to get a mastery item and complete the Bonus District to get another mastery item. There is also a collection to vault once you get all of the items. A walkthrough of the event is shown below. Use the links below to our guide on finishing South Africa and the Zynga FAQ.

The in game instructions can be found by clicking the help mark on the banner. The FAQ can be found here.
The newspaper announcing the closure is giving players some issues. You need to play Where’s Waldo to spot the X. Once you find it, you can close it out and start playing. UPDATE: Zynga added a 'Investigate' button at the bottom of the newspaper on the 2nd day,
Each district has a timer on it. Make sure to finish the ones with the shorter timer first. If you don’t make it, all the districts will be locked.
A Native Crown will drop from all jobs. If this item doesn’t help your score and you have already finished everything in South Africa than this event will be pretty easy. The drop rate for these things is really good so if they help it should be easy to max on them. If they don’t help than they are just more useless junk.
If you already mastered Districts 1-10 than you will need to do at least one job to get the mastery item. It will popup as soon as you do a job. You only get to keep the item with the highest level of mastery.
The same applies to the Bonus District. Do 1 job and the mastery item is yours (as long as you have already finished).
Items for the Tribute Collection will drop from all jobs. The drop rate is pretty high so it won’t take long to get them all.UPDATE: Collection items don't drop in the Bonus District and once you vault it they stop dropping. You can get multiples until you vault it. Thanks to Gary Phillips for the info.
Once you get all the items, go to the Special Collections page and vault the Tribute Collection to get your rewards.


  1. if you have already completed SA then simply do 1 job in Joburg, and 1 job in District 10 to get the new rewards. Then just blast the cheapest job to loot the collection items.

  2. For anyone looking to have a spare set of this collection highlighted, be sure to have at least 2 of each items BEFORE vaulting, as items won't drop AFTER you vault the collection ;) Not that it matters much as everything most likely will be gone in 17 days, but I know some like to have these highlighted ;)

  3. If you've already completed Ruby mastery of all of the districts and are just trying to complete the Tribute collection,, the jobs requiring the least amounts of energy should be:
    Discover The Secret Location Of The Herbs - 2nd job in District 4 (Kimberley)
    Alert President Of Public Frenzy - 1st job in District 9 (Springbok)
    with the Springbok job having a better XP/energy ratio.

    Alternately, you could use stamina and do any of the three stamina jobs in District 10 (De Aar), although the 1st job (Gain The Cooperation Of Key Members Of Parliament) would require the least amount of stamina per click

  4. I wish that when they shut down locations they would convert the cash into New York currency even at a fairly poor rate of exchange it would be some help towards the silly money acheivements

  5. so if your done with it how do you get loot

    1. read the first 'comment' in this post

  6. Is there a way to move cash?

  7. forgot the script that sends complete collections sets , was one around right ? anyone knows the name of it ?

  8. Multiples of all but Elena's Mercenary dropping so far I have as many as 10 of the other pictures

  9. the new rewards only dropped for me on district 1, when I click any job on other districts, nothing happens except a waste of energy, getting frustrating. (all to ruby level)

  10. Regarding the elusive 'hunt the X' on the SA shutdown ..just under the newspaper is a tab saying 'investigate' .. click and it will clear and take you to SA

    1. That was added after this post was made. I'll update it.

  11. trying to finish South Africa - Joburg
    It won't master the "Employ the services of a Mercenary" job. Stopped after Silver. Have mastered all the rest. Anyone else having this problem?


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