Apr 25, 2015

South Africa Newspaper Popup Update


In the walkthrough for the South African Sundown event it was mentioned that the newspaper was difficult to close because it was hard to find the X. On the 2nd day of this event, a ‘Investigate Now’ button was added at the bottom of the newspaper and the game background is dimmed making the X easier to see. I’m not sure why we would need to see this newspaper more than once but at least it will be easier to close.


  1. What would have been even better would be if they just removed the newspaper and the event all together and left SA exactly how it was now. In tact and the best destination the game has ever had.

  2. Obviously a good number of VIPs complained about it so it was ammended/fixed -Its a shame they can't pull finger and sort out more important issues

  3. Jen, the reason we have to see this newspaper over and over is because it takes time, just like the raids in LA, which can take up to 8 hours, but could complete in seconds. I could think of at least a dozen other places where delays are built in on purpose, but you get the point. The trend is to slow people down, possibly to increase exposure time to advertising, but likely just the Zynga wants us to have to be online longer. Several friends have suggested that they do things to frustrate players, hoping they will accept a mobile solution as an alternative,, but my feeling is that a mobile platform would be a total disaster because of screen real estate issues. How many times will the average player click begging popups closed for access to the game before they delete the app?

  4. I dont see how this is a huge delay, oh no, I lost 5 seconds, omgomg.

    Btw, today you cant travel to SA in the normal travel menu, you have to click the images on the banner on the homescreen of mw and thats abit annoying.
    It worked fine yesterday, all though, I dont have anything else then farm the loot to do, but still.

    1. And now, I can for some reason travel normal on the travel menu to SA, maybe it was a small bug, I dont know, its fixed now until next time it happens.

  5. Check out metrics today. Wow!!!


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