Apr 8, 2015

Pay To Play Secret District: It Takes Talent


Purchasing and doing this Secret District will exhaust your 2X Mastery Boost supply.

It Takes Talent is a pay to play Secret District that is now available. If you collect 2X Mastery Boosts, this is definitely a must skip event. Secret Districts consume your valuable 2X Mastery Boosts and spending reward points to exhaust your supply is not worth it. Although you can gain +36 skill points for 27 reward points you are only ahead by +9 skill points from what you could buy with 2X Property Builds. With the difficulty level of Los Angeles, 2X Mastery Boosts are too valuable to waste on this. In fact (besides skill points) they are the most valuable thing in the game right now. If you care about 2X Mastery Boosts than the walkthrough from the original release in July of 2013 can be found using the link below. For a review of what 2X Mastery Boosts can do for you and why you should consider skipping this Secret District, use the other link.


1 comment:

  1. thank you, THANK YOU! for the reminder that these things devour our 2x mastery supply. That's reason enough for me to give this one a pass. I'm going to need all the help on mastery I can get in Suck Angeles.


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