Apr 4, 2015

Overlords 3 Boss Fight Event


The Overlords is a 5 day Boss Fight event in which you need to defeat 5 different bosses. Each day a new one will unlock but you need to beat the one from the previous day to start a new one.  Since this one is identical to the previous 2, there is no need to detail it. Use the links below if you need more information on how this event works. The rewards and new ammo items can be found in the preview post here. The rules to get through these boss fights without spending reward points are pretty simple. 1.  Farm 100 of each ammo item (items don't drop in New York)  2. Use the Combo Breaker to find your Yellow Combo. The Combo Breaker uses sequence strings to minimize the number of items you use. Don’t look at other players combos and try them as that will waste ammo. The key to taking down the 4th and 5th bosses is to conserve ammo. The majority of Red Combos contain Base Hitters which cost reward points so it’s not worth it to search for the Red Combos. Base Hitters not used in previous events are carried over. 3. Use your Yellow Combo to take down the shield. 4. Once the shield is down, use stamina to finish the fight.  The updated combos sequence string is called Spocklord2.



  1. For some reason, i cant get the robbing consumable to drop at all, i tried in NY and it worked last event, but not now.

    1. Well i dont know why, but this time it didnt work to rob in NY, but i robbed in LA and then it worked just fine, so yeah dont rob in NY and i think its stated in the FAQ for the event also that ammo will drop in all cities except NY.

  2. Do not rob in NY for this

  3. Owen Mw-only ParkerApril 4, 2015 at 4:03 PM

    It says ammo items will drop in any city BUT NY...


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