Apr 28, 2015

Lucky Break 8 Coming Soon


Loot items for the 8th Lucky Break have been added to the inventory. It's a great idea to have an event that is 100% dependent on the news feeds right about the time Facebook is going to yank the old API from existence. We can always hope that Zynga rewrote everything and the transition will go smoothly. The loot items for each of the 5 days are shown below.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


  1. Slim chance of that happening (a smooth transition) lol... nah,it's WAY more likely that Zynga doesn't even know about the API change on April 30th (as their favorite spare time activity is to not give a crap about anything) Or, the more likely reason (not that different from the other option) they... simply... could... NOT... care... less... !!!

    They have their events on a loop... and until a monkey accidentally turns the loop off... these events will just keep coning and coming and coming... regardless of anything. Ha, maybe Zynga isn't even "home" - maybe THEY are using scripts to run the game too and just stay home :P wouldn't that be funny?

  2. Just the hint of sarcasm there methinks. :D

  3. The Zyngtards have no clue or could care less. No clue...no brains....no sense of reality.


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