Apr 16, 2015

Los Angeles District 4: Three Towers Assault


District 4 of Los Angeles is called Three Towers Assault. It’s much like Districts 1-3 but the energy requirements are better. The ratios are horrible, the drop rates ridiculous, the loot sucks and the Asset Raids are still useless. Obviously Zynga didn’t listen to much the feedback from their Los Angeles survey because this is more of the same [1]. Many of us like to do jobs, the rhythm of clicking and progressing is relaxing and part of what makes Mafia Wars fun. Each click of a Los Angeles job is a production. You need to jump through hoops and with slow page loads it’s neither relaxing nor fun. Los Angeles has and will continue to cause dependency on scripts or reward points. I think Zynga knows which route players are choosing. The details for District 4 are shown below.

Since Zynga is on a budget, we only get 3 images for each district of Los Angeles. The job requirements and payouts for each level are shown below.
Three consumables can be made in District 4. The first two are required for jobs and all 3 are required for Asset Raids.
The can be made in jobs 2, 4 and 8 and the first two can be crafted in the Production House which is now available to be upgraded to Level 5 (2 and a half stars). 
The chart below sums up the details from above. The 2 jobs that don’t require consumables or currency are highlighted. The ratios are nothing to get excited about.

Job Mastery Clicks Consumable
1 7% 15 -- Earn1.8041.8941.9541.992
2 6% 17 Make Required1.836 1.928 1.989 2.027
3 5% 20 Required Earn2.037 2.139 2.207 2.249
4 6% 17 Make Required1.872 1.965 2.027 2.066
5 5% 20 Required Required2.024 2.125 2.192 2.235
6 4% 25 Required Earn2.040 2.142 2.210 2.253
7 8% 13 -- Earn1.9742.0732.1392.180
8 7% 15 Make Required1.891 1.986 2.049 2.088
9 4% 25 Required Earn2.050 2.153 2.221 2.264

Consumables are required for both jobs and Asset Raids. More details on Assets are shown below. To figure out the number of consumables required all you need to know is that 17 of each are required per Raid and you need to do 2, 3, 4, and 5 Raids for the bronze, silver, gold and ruby levels. The chart below lists the requirements. To fully master District 4 you will need 418 Calpops, 418 Heli-Shots and 238 Shock Strikes. You can’t save on the Asset Raids but if you use the Strategist and Lockpick Bonuses, 2X Mastery Boosts and ask your mafia for job help, you won’t need as many.

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Assets Assets Assets Assets
District 4
Calpops [0/0] 45 45 45 45 34 51 68 85 418
Heli-Shot [0/0] 45 45 45 45 34 51 68 85 418
Shock Strike [0/0] -- -- -- -- 34 51 68 85 238

The required number of job equipment items is shown below. The cost will vary between accounts as there is a Brazil mastery item that grants a City Store discount as well as the District 4 mastery item shown below. The discounts are not stacked. The costs shown below are from an account that has both discounts. The cost for job equipment in District 4 will be around 32,000 Bucks. Since the best discount isn’t granted until after you master the district, plan on spending more.
The job loot drops are the same old same old. Nothing very useful and if it is it won’t last. I don’t know why they would even bother in a destination like Los Angeles. Players aren’t going to stay and job loot that doesn’t help isn’t going to change that.
The Asset for District 4 is the Three Towers Correctional. Each Raid will require 17 each of the consumables you can make in jobs 2, 4 and 8 and 75% of your total stamina pool. Once you have all that, you can start. The bonze level requires 2 Raids (50% damage), silver 3 Raids (33% damage), gold 4 Raids (20% damage) and ruby 5 Raids (25% damage). The wait times are 15 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours for the bronze, silver, gold and ruby respectively.
Raids which add to progression but don’t master the Asset reward experience and 2 of those crappy job loot items. This is also all you get once the Asset is owned. I don’t understand why Zynga thinks we would want to generate these rewards. That experience is not a bonus, it’s the payout on the stamina you spend and that is no reward. The ratio is better than what you would get doing anything else with your stamina but having to wait for it kind of takes the usefulness out of it. Raids in District 4 offer a 2.45 experience/stamina ratio.
Once you do the required number of Raids to do the damage to knock the health down to zero, you get a mastery item and a skill point. Mastering the bronze level will also grant a Medallion.
In order to fully master each level, you need to do all of the jobs and master the Asset. Once you do that, you will get the mastery item and a Stanchion Rope. The Stanchion Rope is needed to upgrade the Palms Reserve. The Mojave Rattle Snake grants a 5%, 7%, 9% or 12% discount in the Los Angeles City Store. Since Bucks aren’t easy to get, this is definitely useful. Mastering the bronze level will also unlock District 5, Downtown Distress
The collection for District 4 is the Yard Games collection and you get +35 Attack once you vault it.
District 4 only has 3 achievements. Two for mastering the Assets on the bronze and ruby levels and 1 for mastering the District. The Prison Break achievements comes with +2 skill points and the Three Towers Correctional Bronze and Ruby come with +1. You also get to keep the bronze level Asset Raid mastery item.


  1. I disagree that LA *needs* scripts and RP.

    If you wanted to finish it within a day or two (and boy, are we grateful that MWLL does this and provides all these walk-throughs!!), then, yes, it would.

    But I'm quite liking the routine of farm some consumables, do some jobs to earn money, farm some consumables, earn money and so on.

    The assets are useless in themselves, but I find them quite useful for "banking" stamina until I need it when I've collected all the city energy/stamina, Family XP progress etc.

    1. yeah i agree with the banking, it is like green check if you are in a family.


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