Apr 23, 2015

How To Get Tribute Collection Items?


UPDATE: The shutdown event is now active and collection items can be acquired. Go here for more details.

Aside from all the Facebook issues, one of the more frequent questions asked on our fan page is “How do I get the items for the Tribute Collection?”. The collection was added 9 days ago and at this time there hasn’t been an event to go with it [1]. Based on loot items and server images, it’s most likely going to be for a South Africa shutdown event [1],[2]. The simple answer to the question is we don’t know and will have to wait until the event is released. Perhaps the delay is due to Zynga having a change of heart. Maybe they didn’t know so many players like South Africa or still need to work on finishing it. The delay could also be due to all the issues caused by Facebook. For whatever reason the collection has lingered in the game and we won’t really know what it’s all about until something happens. Most of the characters already died in a plane crash so Zynga still has time to create something other than a shutdown to make the collection items available.



  1. Does it really matter whether it stays or goes?
    While there are occasions where I go there, One only has a need to go there when Zynga make an operation that requires the player to go there to complete that operation that has been set by the overlords.

    1. It matters since we will also lose the energy and stamina from the SA properties. Some will miss these more than others.

    2. If zynga has sincere intentions to keep mafia wars alive, it is perhaps time they start listening to their players. Any major game changes, such as the closing of a district, should always be put to a vote or survey, and let the majority of players decide. They might own the rights to the game, but we pay to keep the game going, so as far as I'm concerned, we have a right to have a say about the direction the game takes. We're the ones who have to play it and keep it going.


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