Apr 9, 2015

Family Business Shootout Arena Task Issue


UPDATE: This has been fixed [1]

Ten days ago Zynga released the Urban Assault style Los Angeles City Missions [1]. Today the Family Business Mission was released and there are conflicting tasks [1]. Now players need to acquire Poke Arounds, Wicked Ways and Wake Walkers for 3 separate Shootout Arena tasks in 2 different types of Missions. It would be great if they could be done together but for reasons unknown (intended or a bug) you will only get credit for 1 type of loot item that drops from the Arena. The other items will appear on your rewards page but the game will not apply credit for all of them on your Mission(s)[1]. This wouldn’t be so bad if the Family Business Mission wasn’t timed. It’s easy to put the City Missions on hold but unfortunately the game is crediting these items first and players are unable to help their families. Zynga should look into this matter and change it. They could change the type of Arena or figure out how to write the code so all items are credited. To prevent this from happening, if you haven't opened up the Shootout Arena tasks on the Urban Assault Missions, wait until you are done with the Family Business task. Thanks to Cherry L Blevins for posting this issue on our fan page.



  1. Speaking of the arena..does anybody know if arena health has changed in the last few days? i've noticed that im staying alive a lot longer then I was able to before, almost like during "Smash up" events.

  2. Zynga fix something in the game to make it work right? What planet are you from? :P
    Thanks for all you do for us. :)

    Zynga should just stop with all the stupid timed events and just let us play like back in the good old days! It's not Mafia Wars and longer. It's Mafia Chores and it sucks!

  3. Well, I had that problem, couldn't get loots for Family Business but getting loots for LA City Mission. Resolved to finish that part of LA City Missions, played several shootout arenas and lo and behold, earned loots for Family Business. I have no idea what caused the change in type of loots received and I have no idea what will happen today.

  4. I've already done Urban Assault arena tasks, and am slowly working on Family Business tier 4 arena task


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