Apr 8, 2015

Family Boss Fight: Payback (version 5)


Lyla Sharpshot left the game about 3 weeks ago and we can’t really say she was missed [1]. A few weeks later, images for the next fight were added to the servers so we knew the break wouldn’t last much longer [1].  Today the 5th round of the Family Boss Fight: Payback is now available. There are 4 Family Bosses to take down until the fifth, final and resident Family Boss appears. There isn’t a new FAQ for this round but the original can be found here. The combos and rewards (which are the same for all 5 bosses) are shown below. If you need a refresher on strategy go here. Resetting the Boss Fight costs 40 reward points and will move you to the next boss. If you don’t want to spend reward points (which you shouldn’t for this) you will have to wait 1 day between boss fights. A follow up post introducing the 5th boss will be made as soon as my family gets there. UPDATE: Use the link below to see the new boss.


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