Apr 11, 2015

Easter Eggsploit Gifting Bug


UPDATE: This has been fixed.

There are still 2 more days left of the Easter Eggsploit but the Easter Baskets have been removed from the Free Gift page. If you have any Easter Baskets in your ZMC, you will get a Blue Mystery Bag instead. This same thing happened with Dark Lanterns during the Halloween Horror event so it should come as no surprise that it’s happened again [1]. Last time it was fixed right away so hopefully they will do the same or extend the timer.



  1. I can't receive gifts anyway, so it's a mute point. Dropped my VIP yesterday as I refuse to pay for something that is so broken. Zynga does not listen to the fan base who are paying and continues to roll out features that jam up the flow of the game. There isn't even an easy way to contact custom support which is truly absurd.

  2. All my gifts disappeared 2 days ago and I can't receive more... There's nothing left but an empty envelope :/

  3. In a year, maybe less... we'll no longer have to worry about being Zyngaf*cked, as Mafia Wars will be no more!

    1. It really does appear that zynga has turned a deaf ear finally to any complaints or bugs. Just keep pumping out copy/paste event, cities, promotions to get the all mighty buck.
      Lets get em for all we can, as quick as possible.
      Too bad, I really enjoyed the game

  4. Nothing works!! All VIP subscribers should pick a day and drop VIP all at once and demand things get fixed!

  5. As of right now, my accounts show fixed.


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