Apr 2, 2015

Easter Eggsploit Collection Event


Feed Rules:  30 from asking (up to 10 every 8 hours) + 15 from clicking = 45 Total Per Day.

Everybody loves a good exploit and we will certainly need one to get through the Easter Eggsploit Event. Zynga has yet to acknowledge the fact that the news feeds have changed and many players can’t get or find items. The rules for feeds are exactly the same as they were for the events in which the news feeds worked. Of course feeds are limited so you will find the ‘maximum number of players have already collected from this feed’ message a lot. The last event of this type was the Halloween Horror Collection Event and the only that changed is the last 2 days are no longer for redeeming only. I won’t be posting a walkthrough but if you need more details, use the links below and substitute all the creepy stuff with Easter stuff. The total possible number of Easter Baskets for the duration of the event is 2,100. You need 1,050 to get all the items for the Eggclusive Basket Collection and 1,725 to redeem each loot item 3 times. You can earn 175 Easter Baskets per day. The instructions state that the event should have started at 12:00AM today but it started at 6:00AM. The timer started at midnight so we were short changed 6 hours that we won’t get back at the end. A closer look at the loot items and instructions is shown below.

Redemption Loot Items
Collection Vault Item


  1. Drop rates on robbing work best in South Africa.

  2. The Fuck Up Angel has struck again. The rules state up to 45 baskets from feeds per day but am getting told that I have reached my daily limit after 25!

    1. Review the walkthrough as the rules for feeds always cause confusion on these events. You can can get 30 from asking (once every 8 hours) and 15 from helping per day.

    2. How does people NOT know these things by now, lol... hpw many of these events have we had by now? and how many times have they been explained? Are people really THIS lazy?? Geez, haha

  3. To your point Jen, most players won't have the opportunity to post every 8 hours and Zynga should have done this every 2 hours which would give most players the opportunity to collect the full amount for feeds. As always thanks for what you do for all of us!

  4. Zynga fixed the drop rates, even South Africa sucks now. 1 basket every 4 board clearings.

  5. Here the other day i mistakenly clicked basket feed from a person im not friends with and it worked, i actually got 1 basket from the person im not friends with, dont know why, maybe it works and wasnt a bug.


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