Apr 14, 2015

Crafter’s Choice 24 Hour Timer Extension


The Livid Lights Crafter’s Choice event was released on April 10th. At the time, there was a 7 day timer set to expire on April 16th at 11:59 [1]. Today the timer has 3 days left (not counting today) which puts the expiration on April 17th at 11:59. I don’t know why they extended this event and not the more challenging Family Business. The end result of this extension will be up to 50 (assuming you get lucky with the Lockpick Bonus) more consumables which equates to about 2 more loot items.



  1. I know why. Desapeared 40 LED from my Parts.
    Maybe i dont be the only :P

  2. We need more time with the awful feeds. I'm only getting 5 clicks per post so have to keep posting every two hours all day.

  3. To get lucky with lockpick, be sure that your last job leaves you with less than 100 energy out of your pool (my pool is 60K+). Expensive jobs are a plus here, because sometimes LEDs drop when you have a lot of energy left, so I like ruby mexico/SA jobs, and higher level LA jobs, because they ensure I can burn through my pool 5 times without running out of the lockpick bonus. When I don't have enough energy left, I shift to the right London/chicago jobs to end up with my last job leaving me with under 100 (better yet, under 50). That last job usually (90%+) drops a crafter's choice part. If you are VIP, be sure to use the shootout arena and not mob fury, because that double XP bonus can leave you without the ability to use all energy on the next level before leveling again, without an LED.


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