Apr 23, 2015

Challenge Mission Brazil (version 3) Loot Items


A few days ago the images for the 23rd Challenge Mission were added to the servers [1]. Today the loot items are in the inventory which mean we will probably see it in game this tonight. I really hate Challenge Missions! This will be the 3rd version in Brazil and the fact that Zynga keeps giving the same names doesn’t help generate excitement. The consumable is rather boring this time as well. How many horned animals do we need in this game? The mastery items for Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are shown below.



  1. I think we had all been effected by bans to players in one way or another and are fed up of both Zynga & Facebook. Zynga playing has bombed in recent days.

  2. Lol, they could call these annoying, good-for-nothing events just about anything in the world and they would still NEVER generate a single spark of excitement. These events need to go and stay gone for good. The only challenge to this event is to live through it and not quit the game while it lasts. And challenging as that may be... there is hardly any point to that. Crappy event, forced on us by a crappy developing team, by an even more crappy company.

  3. There ought to be a law that states a game MUST shut down once it drops below a certain point in quality. Mafia Wars is running like crap and has been for weeks. It's getting worse and worse by the day... and Zynga should NOT be throwing more pain inducing events out there. They should be seriously considering shutting this game down. It's an embarrassment of unheard proportions. I can't believe a company like Zynga would put its name to this game the way it is now. There honestly isn't any words to describe how poor this game has become... and the fact that zynga couldn't care less and just keeps throwing copy-paste events out like crazy is beyond me. It's past the point where i can get angry about this. It' s down right sad. But what's even more sad is the fact that Zynga don't even care.

    Zynga... how the H*** can you guys not care about what kind of rubbish you put out there to your customers? I sincerely hope you at least know how embarrassing this is... although I seriously doubt it. Why this game is still running and who is making the decision I don't know... but whoever it is, must have ZERO brain activity... flatline!

  4. I dont understand some of the comments sometimes. Just how did Zygna force these crappy events on you? Did they stand on you to make you do them? You can choose not to do them. Also, A Law that a game must shut down???? Really?? If you dont like the game then what power is forcing you to play?? Oh, yes your own addiction. So because you cant force yourself to stop, there should be a law. uh duh!!

    1. Nice, you surely don't take everything too litterally. LMFAO. I am not even going to waste time responding other than... I feel sorry for you, buddy. I really do... haha. I don't get your comment at all... but I guess I hurt your feelings for your love of Zynga, haha I keep forgetting people like you exist still, haha.

      Zynga is good... I love ALL events and can't get enough of them. Please add more events. (better?)

    2. Oh, and the "There ought to be a law" was in reference to all the errors that this game has. but it must have deluded you that the game is suffering from SEVERE loading issues and what not. But, I'm sure you would just say "Then stop playing if you don't like it" haha... I guess in your opinion, Zynga has NO responsibility for making a solid product. It's ME who are at fault for buying it... right? You could apply for a job at Zynga... you would fit right in :)


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