Apr 17, 2015

Baseball Stadium


The Baseball Stadium is now available. This is the 52nd Limited Time Property and it’s on a 8 hour ask timer. The behavior of the news feeds will drastically change on April 30th so it will be very interesting to see if Zynga is prepared. I would think they would give all news feed dependent events a rest. More details along with a Property Crafting chart are shown below.

The individual parts needed to upgrade the Baseball Stadium are Outfield Walls, Treated Lumber, and Cordless Drills. Each “Any Part” request will yield 6 parts in the order shown below. You can also make 1 “Individual Part” request and get 6 specific parts. Each type of request can be made once every 8 hours. You can get 4 bonus parts by scanning the news feed and clicking on build and upgrade brag posts. It’s possible to get a total of 48 parts per day.

The following chart outlines the number of parts needed to upgrade to the next level.

Outfield Wall [0/0] Treated Lumber [0/0] Cordless Drill [0/0]Total
level1 1 1 13
level2 1 1 13
level3 2 2 26
level4 3 3 39
level5 4 4 412
level6 5 5 515
level7 10 10 1030
level8 11 11 1133
level9 12 12 1236
level10 13 13 1339
level11 15 15 1545
level12 17 17 1751
level13 19 19 1957
level14 21 21 2163
level15 23 23 2369
157 157 157471

To beg for parts try the Link-a-Nator 2. It auto-updates and is ready to go. As long as your ask buttons are active it will work. For those who still use the Property Link Spocklet, the Property ID is 60.
When you are all filled up on each part, you can build to Level 1 or upgrade to the next levels. The popup displays the rewards you get for upgrading to each new level.
The final reward is a 50% energy refill and a Baseball Catcher.
For each upgrade you get rewarded with partial energy/stamina refills and extra parts.  The energy and stamina refills are a percentage of your total energy pool and will go over your max energy if your pool is at 100%. These refills can also be stacked on top of each other but once you level you lose what you don’t use. For this reason you should upgrade when you aren't close to leveling or when you need it to level. With the high energy requirements in Los Angeles, these bonuses will be much appreciated.

Outfield Wall [0/0] Treated Lumber [0/0]Cordless Drill [0/0]
level1 5%energypoint_thumb[3][4] -- ----
level2 6%energypoint_thumb[3][6] -- ----
level3 7%energypoint_thumb[3][8] -- ----
level4 8%energypoint_thumb[3][10] -- ----
level5 9%energypoint_thumb[3][12] -- ----
level6 10%staminapoint_thumb[5] 1 11
level7 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][4] 1 11
level8 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][6] 1 11
level9 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][8] 1 11
level10 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][10] 2 22
level11 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 2 22
level12 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 2 22
level13 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 3 33
level14 35%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 3 33
level15 50%energypoint_thumb[3][14] -- ----

Always share your build and upgrade requests with your mafia so they can collect additional parts. The game will tell you the limit is 3 but it’s really 4 additional parts you can collect every 8 hours. The timer on these extra parts is a little tricky. They are timed from the last one you collect so if you don’t collect all 4 at the same time they will be spread out over the 8 hour period.
The loot items available for crafting from the Baseball Stadium and the skill points that come with them are listed below with the 51 other Limited Time Properties. Only the items that come with skill points are shown. For a more detailed look at the loot of the Baseball Stadium, go here.

mafiastadium ballgamebest olballgame westernpipstrelle
waterpark waterphtester poolpolish deadfloat
hockeyarena shouldershove galapagospenguin hockeycoach
bookstore bookbeetle booktrap bookworm
deptstore festivefeet storemascot luckydraw
skilodge snowscamper dwarfsquirrel snowgood
powerplant plantpersonnel ohtwo powertrip
laundromatlaundryman starched washedwheels
fireworksfactorycindervest fireant pyrotechnician
oilrigtoolpusher oilslick troubledwaters
pizzeriasleazyslicer pizzaporter deliverygirl
lastresortsaunamaster doctorfish rushedrelaxation
amusementparkringabell paradepenguin bumpacar
stockmarketstocktrader ragingbull stock-er
printingpressrustyshaft newspapertruck pressoperator
diamondexhibit jewelthief whitesmite sterlingshot
icehotel iceslice icesculptor snowbrace
skatepark skatestar crashsliderbrokenskateboard
operahouse nightingale argyleberet concertgrand
donsderby derbyhelmet racehorse derbyrider
greenhouse pollenatoruprooteroldprune
pitlane torxwrench skyhawk motorhead
arcticbase xtremeskigloves acidice arcticexplorer
demolitionlab powerslide fusionbomb demolitionwoman
shamrockpub pintopoison snakeskinvest bareknucklefighter
cagefightarena cageragegloves slashgauntlet cagefighter
hangar prunejuice skyhopper hopchopper
assassinsacademy deathfromafar cornershot assassin
toystore lifesizerobot toymaker
ciderhouse brewmaster cidertruck
cemetary caretaker mummy
botanicalgarden maneatingplant botnist
dojo nunchucks sensi
bikerclubhouse mamacita frontdoor
tadsgunshop fallenangelarm flanger
venetiancondo italianhousekeeper perini-r
sportsbar paddedjersy sportsfanatic


  1. quote "I would think they would give all news feed dependent events a rest"
    The key word being "think"...something that Zynga is not known for doing
    Kathie E

  2. I'm still waiting to get enough clicks to get to level 1!!!


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