Apr 30, 2015

Arena Loot: Generation 28


The 28th generation of Arena loot is now dropping in Shootout and Mob Fury Arenas. The high stats range from 268-269. For some reason all the items have silver stars and share names and images with fight loot and Declare War loot. A closer look at the items is shown below.



  1. Fight loot, Arena loot, Declare War loot and VIP loot are all the same now... Fight loot has a bronze star, Arena loot a silver star, Declare war loot a ruby star and VIP loot the VIP logo... I guess they got tired of coming up with new items and just slapped a star on them, haha

    1. ...and all of it is useless for about 99% of players. I don't know why they waste so much time making valueless loot. I read somewhere that it takes considerable time to make a new loot item, so I don't really understand why they bother, if the items they make do not increase strength for the majority of players.


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