Mar 5, 2015

Urban Assault Un-Special Ability


There is a little surprise for those who finish the Urban Assault Missions. The ‘Special Ability’ from the Urban Assault 5 Mission was a supposed high end loot item added to the Daily Take [1]. In theory it sounds like a good thing but in actuality it was a dud for players who maxed out on Launderides from the Dirty Laundry Secret District [1]. The loot item was not useful and to make it worse, it replaced the Arena Power Up section. So players who found this item useless were left with fewer options to choose from. Would it have killed Zynga to replace the useless property part sections? I don’t know too many players who still need to upgrade their Brazil properties. Normally special abilities are removed once the next Urban Assault Mission expires but with Urban Assault 6 we found it was removed upon release. This is no longer the case as you will find once you finish the Urban Assault 6 Mission, the Winged Torpedo returns. If this item does help your stats, it won’t for much longer. Those who were happy to see it go aren’t so happy they rushed to complete the Missions.


1 comment:

  1. Well, I still occasionally get 500 pesos when a new day starts and this special ability was somewhat random when it was valid - at least in my case.

    I think that programmers are more confused by the game than players; to quote Pratchett's Fred Colon, they can't tell if it was arsehole or breakfast time.


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