Mar 4, 2015

Urban Assault Special Ability Revisited


Yesterday it appeared that there was a bug with the mastery item from the Urban Assault Mission. I was supposed to get an extra spin on the Lucky Streak but instead got nothing [1]. I was too lazy to go to Customer Support but Kent Neilsen did. He was told that the special ability kicks in after the reset time of the day you compete the Mission. This should be something that Zynga includes in the instructions as I’m sure they will deal with many unnecessary Customer Support inquiries because of it. Just like Zynga said, today at the reset, I got an extra spin. There is also an icon on the banner so players know why they are getting an extra spin. Since this event only has 18 days left, the special ability expires once the Lucky Streak ends and not once the new Urban Assault Missions starts or expires like with the other Missions.


1 comment:

  1. All that work to possibly win a loot item. If I am going to do all the work to finish these I want the reward to last a month and be worth it.


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