Mar 27, 2015

Urban Assault: Los Angeles Loot Items


A few days ago we told you that Urban Assault Missions based in Los Angeles were coming soon [1]. Today the loot items have been added to the inventory. The special ability of the Reputation Target reward is a joke. You will get 100 Bucks for 30 days once you own it. If it doesn’t get stolen, this comes to 3,000 Bucks total. The job equipment costs for Los Angeles are 51,084 Bucks [1]. Zynga needs to update this reward so it’s more realistic of the requirements for Los Angeles. All 34 loot items associated with these Missions are shown below.

Assignment Target Reward
Street-Wise Target Reward
Reward Station Rewards


  1. So, I assume we can expect this one at reset then... nothing like a good Urban Assault mission to ruin the weekend... and since this will be in LA only, I'm guessing it will be nasty somehow - like, completing ruby assets in all 3 districts, haha :D Oh well... let the fun commence - plus, of course, a lot of icing and looting of the same old loot we have been looting for 1½ years now :P

  2. They can keep it, I dont want it lol. For the first time ever with a city i simply cant even be bothered working at it :D I never thought there would come the day where a city is so bad that i simply wouldnt bother with it but zynga found my breaking point on this one :)

  3. This is just not feasable anymore, Zynga are certainly going out of their way to make normal players dump this game. maybe its better just to drop Mafia Wars, as it seems Zynga think its only for Credit Card Players NOW !!!

    ZYNGA = $$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. I was VIP until just this last month. Gave it up as I can't tolerate the mercantile way the game is going. I still play 'at' MW but I certainly don't feel the love anymore.


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