Mar 22, 2015

Slaughter Season 14: Emerald Tier Added


When the Slaughter Season event replaced the Ice Season event, we needed to get 4,000 Pennants to fully master it (and Arena ices didn't count) [1]. Zynga made it much easier the 2nd time around and changed it to 2,000 Pennants and also included Arena ices [1]. Slaughter Season 9 came and it was bumped to 3,000 Pennants  [1]. Zynga didn’t stop there and for Slaughter Season 13, they went full circle and 4,000 Pennants were required [1]. Instead of adding more Pennants to the Diamond Tier, Zynga got creative this time and added an Emerald Tier. Now a total of 6,000 Pennants are required to fully master the Slaughter Season. If your ices come from the Arena you will need to burn 6,000,000 stamina to get it done (1 Pennant = 2 ices = 1,000 stamina). Using the fight list may require less stamina but it will take much longer. Either way you choose, there are a total of 7 days to get it done. With greater requirements come greater rewards. The milestone rewards are shown below and if you can fully master the Emerald Tier than you will earn +26 skill points, +8 health points, +5 defense points, 17 reward points and some boosts and Power Ups. The badge and loot rewards are granted once the season expires. For those who serial level in the Arena using scripts, this event is a gift from Zynga. If you need more details on how Slaughter Seasons work, go here

With a new tier also come new badges and new loot icon.
Here are the milestone rewards.


  1. let the bitching and moaning

  2. no bitching and moaning from me....I just don't do it
    Kathie E

  3. soon there will be no one left to bitch and moan... :(


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