Mar 10, 2015

Safesmith Reward Point Gimmick


It turns out that the Safesmith event Zynga tried to hype us with yesterday is only a gimmick [1]. Gimmick events are cool because you can ignore them guilt free. Take what you can get for free and don’t spend reward points is the best strategy to use. On the surface it looks cool but you only get 2 Lockpicks per day. There isn’t a FAQ posted and the in game instructions are confusing. All you need to know is that each additional Lockpick costs 5 reward points and the skill points you would gain aren’t a better deal than if you buy them at a 1:1 ratio. I haven’t looked at the math but you can tell just by looking it’s not worth it. You need 5 successful cracks just to get 10 skill points. Assuming you were lucky 5 times in a row with just a single Lockpick (even using the 2 free ones), you are still spending 15 reward points to get 10 skill points. If you do this, you still need to crack it 10 more times. We can’t say how much it will cost because of the luck factor but it’s pretty ‘safe’ to say it would be a lot. One important thing to mention is that the 3 achievements are used as the template of progress. These are not game achievements and don’t appear on the achievement page. Zynga should have called them something else as it’s going to cause confusion. Big Baller Bob is going to be upset that he doesn’t have these on his achievements page and Frugal Fred will cry that it’s not fair that there is an achievement that he needs to spend reward points on. We will let Zynga deal with those support inquiries. A few more details about this event are shown below.

Get your 2 free Lockpicks from jobs and fights. Ironically the Lockpick Bonus does not apply. You can only get 2 items per day.
1 Lockpick gives a 30% chance of cracking the safe and 2 a 45% chance. You either will or you won’t crack it. If you fail you will still get a loot item but it's an old Crate item that has lower stats than the other items offered in this event.
The loot items you can earn by cracking the safe are shown below. The consolation prizes for failed attempts are old Crate items.
The mastery item for getting all 3 achievements (poor wording) is the Paintball Tester. This item also comes with +75 skill points.


  1. I don't consider myself "Frugal Fred" but this event is just absurd. I am going to happily skip it. Thanks for posting about it :)

  2. Another scam by Zynga to get our RPs, it is obvious this event cannot be done without spending, another one to forget about..

  3. i am really disapointment such like this event. hey zynga do you know really what players want to play and be happy. with such like this event everybody understand why a lot of people stop to play mafia wars. maybe soon i will stop also if is continue like this stupid event.

  4. "A fool and his money are soon parted..." Guess Zynga thinks we all are a bunch of fools. Desperate attempt from Zynga to get as much money from this game as it can before it goes under...which I suspect will be REALLY soon.

  5. If you use your lockpicks 1 at a time you get 2 rewards and all 2 lockpicks at once you get 1 reward but either way you will lose.

  6. Well I'm counting skill points, 80+75=155 skill points and if 155rp's spent it would be even 1/1, any less only profit? :)

  7. To complete this event, you need to open 15 safes. I assume you will need all 6 lockpicks for each safe for 100% success. 90 lockpicks minus the free 14 = 76 you need to buy with 380 RPs. Not such a deal.

    For one to one skills to RPs, you can only use three lockpicks per safe (14 free plus 31 purchased for 155 RPs). But of course this will not be anywhere near 100 success rate, so probably not a great idea.

    Not so complicated...waste of RPs no matter how much you squint.

  8. Statistics versus Zynga: If you try to crack the save after each free lockpick (30% chance), you will have 14 chances to crack the save. That means that you would have a less than 1% (0.68%= (0.7)high 14) chance to miss all safes. And the chance to get just one (not more) is 3.78% = 5,5 times higher. How many of us won't get any? Bazynga!

  9. Mine doesn't even show a reset button, guess I get to play only once a day. Is it hidden or can someone help me find it?

  10. Doesn't much matter to me, I'm going to just play and left stuff fall where it may. Never gonna get thru L.A. with the high cost for each hit as it is. They do just want money for anything/everything but that's not going to happen from me. Helping to pay for granddaughter's college education is SO much more important than spending money on a free game that I don't much care for MW after over 6 yr. of playing what used to be a fun game!

  11. For some reason I do not even get my 2 picks every day. It seems like I get them for the first few days it's showing up, but after that no picks drop. I usually use two 30% picks each day instead of one 45% pick (seems like better odds to me), maybe they limit the total number of attempted cracks for the event instead of always giving 2 picks a day ?


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