Mar 27, 2015

Robbing In Los Angeles


Unlike previous destinations, robbing was available the first day Los Angeles was released. There isn’t much variety because the Banquet Hall is the only property that can be robbed at this time. Each Banquet Hall cost 10 stamina to rob and the experience payout is only 18 or 19. Target robbing only yields 8 or 9 experience points per rob. You don’t get any currency for robbing Banquet Halls but if your Banquet Hall is robbed than you lose 90% of your next collection. With so few Bucks in circulation, it’s not fair that Zynga keeps this take. The players who are robbing should get some of it. For now the only reason to rob in Los Angeles is the Rustler Achievement but with Missions on the way it may be better to wait. Details about using robbing in Los Angeles are shown below.

All you get for robbing Banquet Halls is 18 or 19 experience points plus the normal loot that drops from this game action.
Your overall experience/stamina ratio will be a little higher than 1.8 or 1.9 because you get some extra experience when you clear a robbing board. You get double if you use a Rob Squad. It’s not enough to make Los Angeles an ideal location for robbing but this could be changed if Zynga would add some Bucks to the robbing rewards.
You also get Victory Coins but these don’t appear anywhere as rob rewards. We only know you get them because they are tracked with scripts.  You get about 1 Victory Coin for every 1.5 Banquet Halls robbed. This hardly worth mentioning since Victory Coins are useless except for purchasing the Fighters Energy Refills.
There is also the option to rob a specific target. To do this, travel to Los Angeles, load the profile of the player you wish to rob and then click the ‘Rob’ link under the profile name.
If a Banquet Hall is eligible to be robbed, a rob button will appear.
If it’s not eligible than the police tape will appear.
Target robbing doesn’t do much for the robber. Like with the robbing board, you don’t get any currency and to make it worse you get less experience. The only thing robbing an enemy will do is prevent the player from getting all of their cash when they collect from the Banquet Hall.
When the player you robbed visits the Los Angeles Property page he or she will see they have been robbed and the take is reduced by 90%..
A Level 10 Banquet Hall normally pays out 160 Bucks but when it’s been robbed it’s only 16 Bucks. With Bucks being so scarce, it’s in your best interest to collect on this property every 8 hours. For obvious reasons, not too many players target rob. If your Banquet Hall appears on a robbing board, it’s only attacked once and you won’t be penalized so the odds of having your take reduced are low. If you have enemies and they want to mess with you then you may need to make sure you collect on time every time. If you activate the Task Master you will get double of whatever your take is. In the event that your property was robbed, you will get double of whatever is available. It's also a good idea to use or bank the money as soon as you get it. If you don't, it will be stolen when you are attacked from fighting.
Regardless of how you rob in Los Angeles, once you do it 5,000 times, you will get the Rustler Achievement and +2 skill points.

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  1. My property must have -been- robbed, since I noticed the loss of Bucks at collection time. But I have yet to see properties show up when I go to Rob myself. OTOH, if there are no Bucks for me in it, I don't see the point in trying. So far this destination is a C-


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