Mar 10, 2015

Prey For Your Sins Gold Mastery


If you have collected the maximum number of Bucklers and Recrews for the Prey For Your Sins pre-release event, gold mastery will be achieved and the 4th image revealed. According to Zynga we should have been told where the next destination is by March 4th but they rarely do what they say [1]. I imagine they won’t say a word until this event is over. It will take 5 more days to get enough items for ruby mastery. Honestly I don’t even care that a new destination is on the way (in fact I'm dreading it) and I hope it’s delayed indefinitely or at least until they fix the game. I never thought loading issues would be the reason I quit this game.



  1. I am one of the unlucky ones, who had the counters, keeping track of these parts, screwing up the totals on day 1... I only have 795 Bucklers and 796 Recrews... so, I sure do hope they add an extra day to collect the ones we couldn't get on the first day... but knowing Zynga, that would be a BIG fat no! lol

  2. Unlucky? Dang! You've got a couple hundred more of each than I do. I'll be lucky to reach gold by the time this is over. Loading issues, spinning bullets, white screens are just a few of the issues I've dealt with the past few weeks!

    1. Lol... well, if you want that ruby loot item you need them all parts (1200) and if we only get the exact amount of days (15) to collect the 1200 parts... a lot will be screwed, as they will be missing X parts due to the counter glitch on day 1 :P

    2. Thanks for the reply. Guess I won't be getting ruby then at all. I'm not even to 700 yet on either one of the items. Can't seem to many feeds that have any left and as I play manually, I don't have time to sit here for hours hunting them down. :)

  3. I really thought I had gotten them all every day but I am not to 800 yet. I hope the new city is delayed.

  4. Just wondering ........ Is the header for the new destination" Prey for your Sins" a spelling mistake or a play on words ? I noticed that Jen, in her post, refers to it as" Pray for you sins"


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