Mar 14, 2015

News Feed ‘Play’ Button


I’m not sure when this was added or if it appears on all accounts. The news feed requests generated from Mafia Wars (most likely other games as well) now include a ‘Play’ button. This button is more prominent than the the help or send links at the bottom of the request but that may be a problem. Clicking the ‘Play’ button does nothing but take one to the game. It doesn’t perform the action that clicking on the request is supposed to do. Using the ‘Play’ button won’t help you or your mafia members. The url for clicking on the button appears to be a tracking link which may be used by Facebook to show Zynga how many players their news feeds are attracting to the game  ( I think it would be best if Zynga stop being Facebook’s bitch and start adjusting the game so it's not dependent on the news feeds. They should know by now that there will never be many new or returning players and their focus should be on retention of their existing players.



  1. AMEN! But that' Zynga- anyone thinks they will change? ;-)

  2. MW already allows me to ask one set of my mafiosi for energy packs and another for challenge mission crew. Neither has anything to do with the FB Feed. The energy transaction is done through the same gift box as mystery bags, or the crew results credited directly to my CM popup. There can't be any obstacle to letting us also have either method for asking for Property parts, which now go to the newsfeed. There is a limit to how many parts a time unit I can get through the feed posts. But there is also a limit to how many mystery energy gifts I can get from the ZMC. So there again is no technical obstacle to having Property parts go through the ZMC.

  3. Zynga does not have a retention department. They have a 'create new game' department, we dont care about existing games attitude.
    So do not look for fixes for any of these real world problems.
    We can either accept it as is, or move on without a broken video game

  4. Wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that I only seem to get one or 2 clicks on a crew request post the past couple days?

  5. I am amazed at this - they can spend money to get a developer to add a link button but they can't be bothered to remove useless loot items in mystery bags or replace useless loot items (golden treasure key claustraphobia etc) with useful ones. They add stuff we don't need but don't listen to what we need/want in the game such as addressing lagging and loading issues - I thought in business the customer is always right (except when its run by incompetant morons devoid of common sense or is a tax write off or a front for money laundering LOL)


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