Mar 28, 2015

Mafia Wars Loading Issues…


UPDATE: It's fixed.

It wouldn’t be a day in Mafia Wars if there wasn’t a loading issue somewhere. The current one is so bad that even Zynga has acknowledged it [1]. Have no fear because the Mafia Wars team is aware and working on it. Thankfully there are only 2 timed events going on so Zynga should extend the timers for the Slaughter Season and Water Park. The upside to this is that nobody can steal your Bucks! Thanks to Edward Larson for the hilarious meme. If you want to see more, go here.



  1. Lmao ,just another day in Zyngaland

  2. If you are loading a white screen, your game is NOT broken! You are one of the lucky players chosen to Beta test Zynga's new "MAFIA WARS INVISIBLE"! You CAN still just can't see what the hell you are doing or other people's posts until you pay 25,000 RPs to purchase the Super Special Secret Eye Glasses. You will then only be able to see 1/2 the screen until you complete LA Districts 19 and 20 and purchase the other half of the Super Secret Eye Glasses for a mere 75,000 RPs. No info's been released yet on what happens after that...

  3. please, please, please let it be irretrievably broken so i can get back to my life as i once knew it.

    1. no one forces you to can walk away anytime you want to!

  4. Your life will never be as you once knew it after mw. *evil laughter*

  5. Still not working proper. Zynga on TeamHolliday :))

  6. Zynga need to be on permanent leave

  7. It's a shame so many people complain about mafia wars, sure it has a lot of bugs and glitches but just be thankful it's still alive...

  8. its crappy w/ all the issues,zynga is getting more greedy charging rp's to progress,can def live w/o mafia wars


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