Mar 19, 2015

Lucky Break 7


There are multiple issues with the news feeds and many of them will be permanent. It appears that adjusting the game to reflect the changes would be too much to ask of Zynga. Instead, they release an event that relies 100% on the news feeds. This is some serious bullshit and shows that they don’t care that many players are having news feed problems. The daily loot items offered in this event can be found here.



  1. FINALLY! Zynga will see that....... oh, wait... we're talking about Zynga. They can't see anything beyond the Almighty Dwindling Dollars in their portfolio. Fucking idiots. But at least this should be a good show-and-tell.. if, in fact, it's their fault... (lolz)

  2. They have never cared unless there is a glitch that favors the players, then they get their panties in a wad

    Kathie E


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