Mar 25, 2015

Los Angeles City Store Requirements: Districts 1-3


In order to do jobs in Los Angeles you need equipment. Equipment is acquired by purchasing it from the City Store with Los Angeles currency (Bucks). Bucks are harder to come by than in previous districts because there isn’t as much available from fighting. There are bugs and currency isn't being properly credited when you do win a fight. The high energy requirements make it difficult to farm so there aren’t as many Bucks in circulation. You don’t get any Bucks from robbing properties. Item costs are not the same for all players because it depends if you own the Abelha Helicopter which is the Brazil District 4 mastery item that has a special ability of reducing the costs for City Store items in all destinations [1]. You can sell job equipment for 50% of the original cost. Once you master district 1, you can sell all the items. We are going to get Missions in Los Angeles so this may not be the best of ideas as you may have to go back. The job equipment costs for each district are shown below. Assuming you have a Ruby level Abelha Helicopter in your inventory, it will cost a total of 51,084 Bucks to fully master Districts 1-3 of Los Angeles.

District 1
District 2
District 3


  1. Glad I managed a 70k buck haul from fighting one player. Happened within the first hour of it going live, not getting anything at all now. I still think this district sucks, and that's without currency problems. I'd be ignoring it entirely if I had to farm bucks to complete jobs.

  2. Loot Lady wrote: "We are going to get Missions in Los Angeles..."

    I wouldn't be so sure about that. They still have to announce the closure of 4 games. I think there's a very good chance they announce this one come the end of the month. It will maximize their return from the VIP membership, but they can't sell VIP in April, since you won't get a full month.

    I could be wrong, of course, but until they announce the final 4 this game is very much up in the air.

    Did you know that the Ayakashi game was a brand new game? From the sounds of things it had guilds and whales, just like Mafia Wars. The entire story sounds so familiar.... Here's what a commenter had to say in a news article:

    BEGIN QUOTE (written by 'Jon')

    "Zynga didn't say a WORD in the game announcements...everyone waited patiently for updates on the next event and......nothing. We waited and waited, rumors flew around about them closing the game, but also about the Chinese division shutting down and moving all the servers to the US, which was taking a lot of time, and that might be the reason for the lack of updates. Some people held out hope, some jumped ship early. Zynga finally posted the closure on the Ayakashi Facebook page, which I heard was taken down quickly, and finally on their site, still never a word in the game. So we have one month to play around with our teams (for nothing, no gain obviously), and take a bunch of screenshots. People in guilds are looking to find other games to play together to keep the guilds alive and the friendships going.

    How UNPROFESSIONAL to not say one word to the players, not even to give false hope, nothing. The biggest whales in this game spent literally tens of thousands of dollars - we can debate whether or not that's a sane, rational, smart thing to do or not, but they obviously had the money to do it and wanted to do it. Others spent thousands, still others spent many hundreds. Free players (and low-cashers) may not have spent much, but spent valuable TIME in this game, hours and hours and days and weeks, with the average events being 2 weeks long - 2 weeks of being plugged in CONSTANTLY because slacking off could screw you up big time. Minor events lasted a week or so, and there was always some event going on, pretty much never any down time.

    I don't think I will every play a Zynga game again, and CERTAINLY will never spend another cent on one. Not a chance. Ayakashi was a great game but they started killing it with the greed, always upping the difficulty of keeping up unless you spent wallet-abusing amounts of money, or at least used up your entire stash of items. Some people never spent and were still formidable opponents, but Zynga continually threw in the temptation to spend with new gimmicks to lure in those free players and low cashers on the fence. By the end, many people (I can't say MOST players, but certain a large number of them) were spending at least some money. Well played, Z. Well freaking played."

    1. Missions will be here probably within a week or so.,,

      I didn't know Ayakashi was a new game. And yes it's pretty sad and pathetic with what they have done.

    2. I see. I didn't realize they had announced it.

      I agree it's hard to imagine they would dump the game right after creating a new destination. However, I find it equally hard to imagine they'll convert this game to the new facebook API. I guess we will know soon enough. No later than April 30!

  3. my inventory has been attacked .. I invested immediately after gaining bucks during early fighting ...all my levels have been reduced!

    1. same here. This is the last straw for me and my next move after writing this will be to remove MW from my FB account, and for that matter any other Zynga games (of which there are a few).

      I had approx 150 of every item in the city store, now each category has 25 district 1 items, 50 district 2 items and 100 district 3 items. At a rough guess I'd say I've been robbed of approx BK100,000 by Zynga.

      What's the f****** point in playing this game the way it was designed only to have the developer take away what you earn.

      Some might say that's 6 years of gameplay down the drain, but I don't really care TBH. I would have taken this decision whether it happened after 6 months or 6 years. Fair enough had I obtained the items through cheating, but it was all legit from the fight board. Nuff said, goodbye from another veteran :(

    2. Just checked and my account has been tampered with by Zynga too!!

      This district was doable yesterday with the currency I'd accumated, now it's not. The 50,000 bucks needed to complete the jobs doesn't include all the currency you need to farm the loot you also need.

      Goodbye Zynga, just decommissioned my account after 5 years loyal service, you will never see another cent from me - but secretley this is what you want so you have an excuse to wind the whole thing up.


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