Mar 19, 2015

Los Angeles Video


The Mafia Wars team posted a video to get us excited for Los Angeles. If only they would add a scenes that promises to fix the loading issues and do away with news feed requests! Thanks to Brandon Moore for sending me the link and to Vesna Marjanovic for posting on our fan page. UPDATE: Thanks to Oliver for pointing out that Las Vegas and Italy are missing from the video (as well as Manhattan). Does this mean something or did Zynga just forget about them? I think the latter.
Break the siege over your gangland. No mercy, no regrets.
Are you ready to make the city quake beneath your feet?


  1. Entertaining, but Zynga forgot all about Italy and Las Vegas!

  2. LOL i guess Las Vegas and Italy were both just a dream and never happened

  3. Why do I keep getting bounced back to LA every 10 seconds? Getting seriously angry at this point.

  4. Considering the breakdown of energy so far in Bel Air, Zynga is making this city last a long time. It is going to take forever just to finish each area. I guess Zynga isn't planning on any new locations for a long while. But this may be the end for MW.


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