Mar 30, 2015

Los Angeles Urban Assault Walkthrough


As mentioned in a previous post, the 7th version of the Urban Assault Missions is also the 1st group of Los Angeles City Mission. These Missions aren’t timed so there is no need to rush through them. The Mission objectives are the same for all players but the number of tasks is based on a unknown set of variables and will vary between accounts. In the previous destinations the number of City Mission tasks were the same for all players. For easy tracking of progress, use the Quest-o-Meter by Team Spockholm. The following is a walkthrough with all 50 Missions, a job and consumable list and some tips. The map used to number the Missions is shown below. Many thanks to Jo Gilliam for helping me with this walkthrough.

Clicking the help mark provides the instructions for Urban Assault Missions.
The requirements and basics for Los Angeles Districts 1-3 can be found by clicking the links below.

The host of the Los Angeles Urban Assault Missions is the LA guy. I haven’t seen his name mentioned but he is the one doing all the work in the jobs. He is the one who does all the work in the Los Angeles job storyline. Most likely he is the guy in the images that Zynga has been using for Los Angeles.

In order to complete all 50 Missions, you will need to have the following portions of Los Angeles mastered.

bronze silver golds ruby
District 1 Jobs & Assets Jobs Only --
District 2 Jobs & Assets Jobs & Assets Assets Only --
District 3 Jobs & Assets Jobs & Assets Assets Only --

The wording on the Asset Raid and mastery tasks is a little confusing. You can’t move up in level until you master the district so to get to gold you will need to fully master Districts 2-3 on the silver level. Once you get there you will only need to master the Asset which will require 4 raids.
Tasks that are already completed will appear without a reward point buy off button. You will need to click the ‘Go Now’ button or travel to the location of the task in order to get credit. The images below compare a task that was mastered prior to the release of the Mission to one that wasn’t.

All Mission Station and Reward Station tasks are shown below. The location can be found by using the map provided at the top of this post.

Mission Station 1
Mission Station 2
District 1-See job list below.
Mission Station 3
District 1-Currency required. See job list below.
Mission Station 4
Mission Station 5
Weapons can be acquired in any destination [1].
Mission Station 6
You need to win in order to get credit.
Mission Station 7
This is the District 2 Collection.
Mission Station 8
You can collect 1 time every 18 hours.
Mission Station 9
You can ask every 2 hours.
Mission Station 10
This is the District 1 Collection.
Mission Station 11
Level doesn’t matter but if you are on the bronze level you can only raid the asset 2 times. If Mission Station 14 is open you can work on these Missions at the same time.
Mission Station 12
You need to master all jobs on the silver level. You don't have to master the district on the silver level for this task but you will need to master it for the Asset Raid task.
Mission Station 13
You need to get to the gold Level of District 3 and do the 4 Asset Raids required for mastery. You don’t need to master the gold jobs. If Reward Station 7 is open, you can work on both of these Missions at the same time.
Mission Station 14
Same as above but in District 2. If Mission Station 11 is open you can work on both these Missions at the same time.
Mission Station 15
There are only 3 possible upgrades of the Production House at this time. Zynga give all players a 2/5 once you unlock this Mission. To build the Production House you need to master the 1st job of District 3 on the bronze level. If you want to buy off this task, it’s cheaper to go buy the property parts.
Mission Station 16
Mission Station 17
Mission Station 18
Master all jobs on the bronze level.
Mission Station 19
Depending on the level of your Production House you can make 1-2 items every 18 hours.
Mission Station 20
If Reward Station 6 is open, you can do these 2 Missions at the same time. Each ice will count towards both Missions.
Reward Station 1
Reward Station 2
District 2-Currency required. See job list below.
Reward Station 3
District 1-Currency & loot drop required. See job list below.
Reward Station 4
Reward Station 5
District 2-Consumable & Loot Drop
Reward Station 6
If Mission Station 20 is open, you can do these 2 Missions at the same time. Each ice will count towards both Missions.
Reward Station 7
If Mission Station 13 is open you can work on these Missions at the same time.
Reward Station 8
You can collect from the Banquet Hall every 8 hours.
Reward Station 9
District 2-Consumable & Loot Drop (see job list below).

Reward Station 10
You must enter the Arena from Los Angeles of these items won’t drop. This is most likely a bug but that’s how it is.
Job List

There are only 6 jobs required but this isn’t the end of spending energy. Since some of the tasks require mastery, you will need to do all the jobs of Districts 1-3 to the

Job 1-District 1
Job 2-District 1-Currency
Job 3-District 2-Currency
Job 4-District 1-Currency & Loot Drop
Job 5-District 2-Consumable & Loot Drop
Job 6-District 3-Consumable & Loot Drop
Consumable List

Farm in District 2
Farm in District 3
Loot Drop List

The loot drop items are a mix of 1 old Stranger’s Swag item and 4 old Fight loot items. Nothing to get excited about.
It doesn’t matter what path you take to reach the Scuba Diver. When you get there, click the gun to get your Assignment Target reward which is a Soaking Sun.
The Scuba Diver is an old Marketplace item.
Once you complete all 20 Mission Stations and collect the bronze level of all 10 reward stations, you will earn the Street-Wise Target reward which is a Limb Lever.
Complete and collect all 30 Missions to get the Reputation Target reward which is a Solar Installer and he comes with a special ability. 
The special ability is lame and it only lasts for 30 days. It will kick in the day after you get the item. 100 Bucks won’t go far in Los Angeles and by the time you finish these Missions you should have enough where 100 a day Bucks won’t matter. You can actually go get 100 Bucks right now by opening up a Blue Mystery Bag. Zynga should adjust this ability to at least 1,000 Bucks a day.
You can track your rewards as you go by clicking on the Trophy icon located on the home page and Mission page. For more details on the loot items, go here. The loot isn’t incentive to do these Missions but the +27 reward points and +83 skill points are. You also get a handful of Arena Power Ups.


  1. Since they have put the city missions in as Urban Assault, does that mean that we will not see any more Urban Assaults?
    Kathie E

  2. Well done
    You have put in a lot of work.
    Remember that what you have done is appreciated - it is just that most who see this just expect it
    You do deserve the main prize - THANKS!!!

  3. Thanks for doing this. A fantastic effort.

    There's a lot to do to get complete this, but the upside is there's no time limit, so I don't think there's any need for me to deviate from my plan of going slowly through LA and not trying to race to finish any particular aspect of it. Zynga have basically just rolled all the city missions we might have expected into one urban assault.

    As the previous commenter says, I wonder if it means we'll not get any time limited urban assaults now? I doubt it, as the time limited ones are the ones where people have to spend RP to complete them ... But it'll be interesting to see if Zynga can manage to code two concurrent urban assaults!

  4. Since there is no time limit on this, I will just sit at bronze until I have farmed enough resources to complete all the levels and raids. Makes life easier.

    Thank you for the walk through.

  5. Thanks for the walk through. Your efforts are much appreciated. An Urban Assault issue - Just opened the R1 Task RAID/GENERATE HELLRAISER ASSET 1/2/3 TIMES. I had already completed the Ruby level raids in District 1 before the Assault opened. Expected to get credit when I hit the GO NOW button. Guess what? Nothing happened. Any clue on how to fix this?

  6. This one is a great walkthrough! Thank you so much. I'm enjoying the Urban Assault as this mission is not limited with time.

  7. Found a bug (what a surprise) ... Already completed level 1 to Ruby so cant activate/complete any more assets for this level, so cant get the Urban Assault reward for this.

  8. I have found that the shootout arena tasks collecting wake walkers, and wicked ways, even though I have both tasks unlocked I only earn one or the other based on which task I clicked on, they won't drop at the same time? Anyone else have this issue?

  9. i too have finished Bel Aire and own the Asset, clicking the GO NOW button does i did a live chat, here is a copy of it, basically i've been told i have to do it again. the agent used the term "re-generate" the asset, it doesn't say that on the task description

    Transcript of your chat
    Zynga Chat
    Today at 8:08 PM
    Thank you for chatting with Zynga Customer Support. A copy of your chat transcript is below.

    General Info
    Chat start time Apr 3, 2015 8:42:56 PM EST
    Chat end time Apr 3, 2015 9:08:00 PM EST
    Duration (actual chatting time) 00:25:04
    Operator Jan M.*

    Chat Transcript
    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Jan M.*'.
    Hi patti! How can I help?
    patti: Hi Jan
    Jan M.*: Hello Patti
    patti: i'm working on the Urban Assault, i have the task to do the asset on BelAire
    patti: i've already completed that district, and i own the Asset
    patti: so how to i complete this task in Urban Assault & progress?
    Jan M.*: Let me assist you about your concern regarding the task for Urban Assault that requires you to complete the asset which you have already mastered
    Jan M.*: I will check your game, please hold on
    patti: ok
    patti: ty
    Jan M.*: Thanks for holding. I see here that first Task: "Raid or Generate Hellraiser Asset 1 time
    patti: yes, that is the task i talking about
    Jan M.*: I see your point as I show that you have mastery level of the Bel Air and the Hellraiser.
    patti: yes that is correct
    Jan M.*: Patti for this feature, once you achieve the Ruby Mastery of an Asset, you take over the Asset and own it. Thus, the "Generate" part comes in on this task. You can continue to re-generate the asset as much as you want to in order to complete tasks like this or if you want to get more rewards.
    Jan M.*: This options should be available for you now since you have mastered it already. This is by game design and after re-generating the asset, you should be able to move forwards in your task
    patti: please explain what you mean by the raids again????? 5- 8hrs again??????????????
    Jan M.*: Yes, since you own the assets already, you have the power to re-generate them. You can repeat raiding them as much as you want
    patti: that is totally unacceptable! no wonder this game is going down hill!!!!! it's ridicous that it has to be done again.....guess i won't be finishing the Urban Assault then
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
    Jan M.*: I'm sorry if you feel this way towards the game and this feature. The Urban Assault for Los Angeles is like a city mission that doesn't have any time limit. Our players can complete the task at their own phase. This is why the tasks are quite challenging like this on.
    Jan M.*: *one
    patti: in the past if a task had already been completed, you were given credit....why had that changed?
    Jan M.*: This Urban Assault task is different from other ones since it is only exclusive for LA. As you know, this city is more challenging than the other ones and including in its features is the re-generate part for the assets. The goal is to be rewarded more from it's feature and the more you re-generate, the more you get rewards for it.
    patti: never mind, i see no point in discussing this further. i worked very hard to complete that district, lots of time

  10. I have finished the Los Angles urban assault. the head Guy says "Are you ready to play your part? Get your gear. You are to take out the actor after his last act."
    what does that mean ? I have done all the Hollywood Jobs again. despite allready completing them to Ruby; I also own the property.
    what happens Now. I would think your finished at Least .


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